150 thoughts on “VACACIONES EN ESPAÑA

  1. Dear Andy,I'm Visala, I started blogging 2 years ago, and started following your blog since then.Dreaming to be a fashion stylist, I started my own fashion blog that shares my outfit almost everyday until I got my first job working as a fashion reporter in a HK monthly magazine for about 2 months. When I finally can be able to reach 200 hypes in Lookbook after working hard for a year, this new job of mine keeps me so busy that I think I don't even have the strength and time to update my own blog that frequent.For the August issue, I am doing an article story about style icons and just 10 minutes ago, I saw your "TEDxAmsterdam Women2011" speech in YouTube. I watched it and totally got inspired from what you said about "The Key to become a successful blogger". And I really would like thank you by indirectly helped me in reminding me what I really want to be and giving me the strength in chasing it.ANDY, THANK YOU SO [email protected]

  2. The skirt rocks! I have been to a few places in Spain and I have to admit I am in love with it! Everything. The art, the culture, the food, the lifestyle… Enjoy :)

  3. I love that skull top with the denim skirt!! They look so perfect together.Glad to hear that you had so much fun in Barcelona :)xoxo Alisonwww.stylingmylife.com

  4. I can understand how you feel. I always feel sad when holiday is over =( But yea..I guess it is the right thing to do to be positive for what's the new thing awaiting =) Very positive of you =)

  5. Ah!! Si seguí todas tus andadas por la ciudad condal en Instagram ;) Siento no haberte visto en 080, la proxima será!!!Kis KisAnieBhttp://lahabitaciondelaspequenascosas.blogspot.com.es/

  6. I love Spain…I remember in particular Barcelona with love! I like your look and the pics near the Vespa!!!I wait for you in my blog if you Vespa :)

  7. Love the place ! And your shoes :)I'm going to Barcelona soon, that's such a shame I missed you !xxwww.coralieslooks.com – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  8. you look amazingGIVEAWAY ON MY BLOGhttp://www.pinkthingsel.com/2012/07/giveawaycacharel-parfumcappertone.html

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