Jacket: ZARA / Jeans: J Brand (on sale) / Shoes: Lanvin / Bag: Alexander Wang / Specs: Ray Ban / Quartz necklace:

These days I have been obsessing over “These Days” by the Foo Fighters and when I say obsessing, I mean full blast, singing out loud in my apartment with microphone -hair brush- in hand! … Which song is obsessing you lately?

217 thoughts on “THESE DAYS

  1. Firstly, love your outfit!! It looks so casual, but incredibly chic. Secondly, my latest obsession is Scissor Sisters – "Let's have a Kiki". It's just amazingly catchy!-P.Bowtie Diary

  2. I also tried on that jacket at Zara but decided to go for another camo jacket. I've been playing "I Feel Fine" by The Beatles non-stop lately. It makes me want to go surfing, just love that catchy tune. ♥

  3. You did it this time Andy!I never tought camo could be fashionable, I absolutely haate camo. But you really pulled it off! So pretty! + I looove the backgroundplain, white I'd love to see more of that :DAnd what is it about those shoes that make them look slightly diffrent? I can't put my finger on it!>:|Big love,

  4. this is a great song! and a so so great band!lately i have been obssesed with Ya no sos igual by 2 minutos, a punk argentinian band!so great outfit :) love the bag

  5. great look! love it!song? well, lately I have watched a comedy series and a man has done his own version of the Single Ladies

  6. I'm obssesed with any Foo Fighters song! And yeah, These Days is one of them that I can't stop listening, every song of the album (Wasting Light) is amazing!One of my favorites: Everlong. You really should listening it!!!And now talking about fashion, I love the cargo jacket :)XOXO

  7. You look so amazing in this outfit. I love the combination and I must say, the glasses fit great! And btw, I'm totally obsessed with your shoes! The song I like the most at the moment definitly is "Payphone" by Maroon 5. I love it :) xx

  8. Hi Andy,I don't know what it is with this look…maybe the glasses, maybe army parka…I really really like this look of yours today!! :)LoveElisa

  9. Hola! Me encanta esa campera y los zapatos. Adoro esa canción de Foo Fighters. Besos

  10. Okay, this may be a little weird but you know that movie The Secret World of Arrietty? Well Arrietty's Song just won't leave my head. I think it's so beautiful. I'm listening to it even now as it gives me such a calming and relaxing atmosphere.The look is stunning by the way. You wear it well!

  11. I love your jacket♥and my friends have been obesessing over "One Day" by Wankelmut .. so now I begin to love it, too :D

  12. hahahhaa, I was obsessed with the same song some weeks ago…! Now I think that I am not obsessed with any song but there is one song I can't stop to listen to the radio and it's not my style but the chorus sounds very good haha. It's called Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe.By the way, I love this military jacket and the shoes…!!Big kiss,Ana.

  13. REALLY REALLY LIKE THIS KIND OF "NERD" LOOK!The military shirt is actually one of my obsession! :)Love it!xx Elle

  14. jajajaja micròfono en mano, la ultima canciòn con la que eh estado obsesionado es "Where have you been" de Rihanna.Me encantó tu "camisa"Saludos

  15. Love this whole look- from glasses to heels! And seriously, these white pants and heels make your legs look like they go on for days. Looks great.xoxo

  16. I get obsessed with songs so easily, it's insane! I sing all the time, I listen to it out loud at home, in the car, everywhere… It's stupid. I've been listening to Rihanna "Where Have You Been" a lot lately, I don't know, it just makes me wanna dance all the time.

  17. Gorgeous outfit!! Very cute and trendy!I don't why but since March I have "Call me Maybe" on my playlist everywhere playing all the time! It's crazy!

  18. You look wonderful as always Andy!Lately, I can't get the song 'Imagine' by Tone Damli & Eric Saade out of my head. It's very catchy ;)xx

  19. Hola te acabo de descubrir en la red en busca cosas que inspiren para mis diseños..y decirte q me ha encantado tu post sobre todo tus shoes, y que te seguiré en adelante..bss y anímate a visitarmehtpp://

  20. im definately obsessed with L'Appuntamento by Ornella Vanoni.this particular song has the ability to travel should listen to it definately!!ps i love this outfit of yours!!military pieces are a must have for me in everybody's wardrobe

  21. Yay finally outfit with that alexander wang bag, I've missed it. I love this outfit, the army jacket is so cool! Are those shoes easy to walk in? It looks so high! Love that you wear your specs here xx

  22. Francisca Valenzuela "Esta Noche", desde que la escuche en "Soltera Otra vez" estoy pegada con esa canción. Al igual que la de Nicole "Hoy" tema principal de esta teleserie. Te las recomiendo! Soy cantantes Chilenas. Saludos desde la Isla de Chiloé (Chile)

  23. My obsession song is 'We are young' by FUN. I've been playing it over and over again for days now…Anyway, just a quick word to say that your style is really cool and your blog very entertaining to read. I'm from Paris and my looks match yours most of the time… Xx Giulia

  24. My actual obsession song is 'We Are Young' by FUN. I've been playing it over and over again. Btw, I love your blog, and your various outfits. I'm from Paris and my style completely matches yours. Casual-chic and very classy.You go Andy!

  25. Love these photos! Great glasses hun. I am so super scared to buy/ wear white jeans, I will get spaghetti or coffee on them for sure! But they do look great. Haven't listened to the Foo Fighters in Years!xx Jenelle

  26. ya veo que el militar se asoma y viene pisando fuerte creo que lo vamos a ver muchisimo este otoño!Nuevo sorteo en el blog gracias a 21Diamonds!

  27. waow.. awesome.. i really love your look so much.. coool.. great combo camo with white..kuti

  28. Such a lovely fun look. Thankfully no song is stuck in my head at the moment, but when one does get stuck I get as obsessed as you ;)kisses from L.A.Lizette

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