Skirt: MANGO / Sandals: Marni for H&M / Bag: Alexander Wang / Tank top: ZARA

This is an extremely simple outfit I wore to go to the beach. Of course my bikini was underneath and I was a lot less sunburnt that I am now. I wasn’t going to shoot this look but I was walking through a little square early in the morning and the light was peeking beautifully through the buildings, so it got me really tempted! :P

I wanted to take a quick moment to THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the birthday messages here, on twitter, Facebook and instagram yesterday. It made my day extremely special and put a really big smile on my face :D, thank you again!!!

180 thoughts on “MAGIC LIGHT

  1. Era mas divertido cuando escribias también en español :p buu… Btw beautiful shoes and skirt!

  2. That could easily be something you could wear to go to the beach, to stroll around the city, go shopping,… It's versatile, which pleases me a lot!

  3. Love your outfit!! These pictures are soo cute and the effect of your skirt flying is over top!

  4. Simple yet Beautiful!!!!as always AndyTe envie un correo hace como 2 semanas, espero escuchar de ti pronto!!!cuidate andyhttp://www.dearmilano.comXo,andrea

  5. the first picture is totally awesom!! i would have change the sandalas but even though i love the look!take a look at my blog :) youll love it!www.lethemstare.blogspot.comKache – LTS

  6. I'm glad to hear that you had such a good birthday!! I love this look for the beach. And the way that the skirt flows is so beautiful :)xoxo

  7. Me encanta la falda, aunque yo la estoy buscando el rosa fluor jijiMil besos

  8. I love the simplicity to this look. You can still see your person style but it's perfectly beachy!xoxo

  9. I have a skirt like that, but have to say, you look 10x more gorgeous in it than I do haha! Brilliant pics x

  10. You are wonderful in this dress Andy! I love how it move !! So fresh! There's 3 items totally made in FRANCE to win if you enter my give away ;) it's very simple!Much Love, ThePeppyMay

  11. Hi Andy.I love this outfit. It's interesting to see you in flats, on your way to the beach, because still then you're absolutely stylish!So keep taking picture of the simple outfits, too ;-)

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