Ring: Orno Jewelry (on sale) / Bag: Alexander Wang (on sale) / Pants: H&M Trend / Sweater: American Apparel / Shoes: MANGO / Necklace: ZARA
I have worn these 2 items separately before but it just occurred to me that when you wear them together, it seems like the jumper is dripping its color onto the pants and I really really like that effect!

P.S- I am off to Berlin tomorrow and although I am going on a flash trip, I am really looking forward to seeing the city during the summer! :)
Ya me había puesto estas dos cosas or separado pero el otro dia me di cuenta que cuando me los pongo juntos, parece como si el suéter se estuviera despintando sobre los pantalones y me encanto ese efecto.

P.S- Mañana me voy a Berlin y estoy feliz de poder visitar la ciudad en temporada de verano :)

171 thoughts on “LIMA, LIMÓN

  1. Hola! No de Berlin pero de Hamburgo! Me encanta tu pagina guapa! I'd really like to know where you got the two smaller rings with the "s" from? love them and would like to give them a german home too :)thanks xo Stella

  2. ♥ Wow, Love the outfit ♥Those pants and bag are amazing.I'm Brazilian who's travelling around Europe and I also have a Personal Style Blog. I'm posting my every day outfits, trying to share my experiences and give some advices on how to do a long trip with a small bag – Yeah, It's almost like doing magic traveling low cost haha. I would love if you could check it out and let me know what you think about it.XCamilla | @dressmysoul

  3. omg girl, i've been visiting you for some time and every time i visit your blog i'm like: OMG this outfit is my favourite and next day say and next and next<3YOU ARE JUST THE BEST <3<3<3

  4. Hermosa como siempre, Andy tengo la pregunta de que es H&M TREND, osea donde consigo prendas de esa marca, voy al sitio de H&M y no encuentro nada asi, si me exlique haha :)

  5. That is really an amazing pairing! The bright colors and florals really work well together to make this a stunning look!

  6. Hola! Queda genial el efecto, adore esta combinación. Buena semana, buen viaje. Besos

  7. Such a cute outfit. I love that the colors match exactly and it looks drip dried. xoxo

  8. muy buena combinación Andy, que disfrutes tu viaje a Berlín! y esperamos fotos tus fans de Instagram!! Besotes:)

  9. yes it does look like it is meant to be together! i went to berlin in high school and had such fond memories there-Jessica

  10. Love this neon color ! Love the pants, got the same in jacket, and this bag…. Perfect outfit ! – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  11. You look amazing! Necklace and trousers are great. And Berlin is a beautiful city, have fun!Visit me, today great offer to Scotland!

  12. How long will you stay in Berlin? I will be there on friday and it would absolutely complete my trip if i could meet you! You are such an inspiring person!

  13. Like the similar colours, how they compliment each other, but isn't overwhelming.Check out my blog guys :)

  14. I love this neon colour and the way you combinate your outfits! :)Wish you fun in my county Germany!The wheater ist really good , lucky :) !

  15. the idea is brilliant…i'm really amazed by the illusion, your outfit has. hope you enjoy berlin, i love that city! especially when the weather is nice, there is such a cool vybe.

  16. The sweater is really cute, it looks gorgeous with this necklace :) And the bag is pretty amazing. By the way you always look so great on these pictures x

  17. You are right, it looks like the colors from the shirt are dripping down on the pants! Amazing effects!!!You look absolultey amazing Andy!!!

  18. What a great outfit! I ordered the pants, too, but for me they were a little bit too small and then sold out in the next second. In your outfit I love the yellow jumper. It looks adorable! Have fun in Berlin :) xx

  19. Hi!Have a nice time in Berlin :)I am planning to go there in August and I think that also other people would appreciate some tips, where to go, what to see and where to stay in Berlin, if you'd do that kind of post, it would be really really cool :)

  20. haha es verdad, parece que pierda el color! Me encanta la combinación de verdad, estás preciosa :)

  21. Wow, love the pants!I bought the blazer but didn't like the pants so much on me. They look greta on you though!!!I will go to Berlin tomorrow, too! Hope to see you there, what are your plans?bisous,miaHEYLILAHEY

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