I really wanted to share this video and photos I shot the other day. La Sagrada Familia by Gaudi is an absolute masterpiece and a “must visit while in Barcelona”…I have been in the city many times, but I was always going on flash trips and never had the chance to visit Gaudi’s landmarks before. When I decided to extend my trip to Barcelona, going to La Sagrada Familia was on top of my list, even if I had to queue on the longest line to be able to get in, it was worth it and I would queue 1000 more times if I had to.
When I was inside the church, I was so mesmerized, shocked and amazed by what I saw inside. I just couldn’t stop looking up, even if my neck was really sore, I needed to take it all in…I took some photos and filmed this video to be able to share with you this absolutely breath taking place, which made me feel like I was inside of a spaceship, meets “The Never Ending story Ivory Tower”, it was such a dream come true to be able to see it!


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  1. It's a great comparison with the "White tower" :)I did not saw this details last time I went to Barcelona (some years ago), the labour is ending finally… beautiful videoFanny

  2. I can totally understand how you felt. I was at awe when I saw this place myself too during my Winter vacay beginning of this year. It's a really beautiful place. Looking at your pictures put a smile on my face just thinking about the wonderful memories in Barcelona =)

  3. Wow. Just from here looking at these photos I can't help but feel like I'm in some sort of dream!I always think other cultures landmarks and history are amazing. Very beautiful. You're so luck to have been able to see this in person~

  4. Barcelona is one of my favourite cities and ''El Parque Güell'' & ''La Sagrada Familia'' are one of my favourite places in Barca. The cathedral is so beautiful and the interior makes you speechless.Great video.!

  5. I studied this architectural landmark in one of my college classes and it's amazing to get such a beautiful glimpse of it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. your photos are gorgeous, i love the elements of the church that you captured! thanks so much for sharing them and the amazing video too!

  7. Wow… is this place for real?? Absolutely amazing! Now I know why they call it a master piece!! xo AndreaWonderful and Marvelous

  8. Wow! Aún no he estado en Barcelona pero es una de las ciudades en mi lista de sitios por ver, y nunca había visto fotos del interior de la Sagrada Familia pero es impresionante!Love it!

  9. amazing!xxx

  10. UAU! I never be inside the Sagrada Familia, just outside, and the interior really looks impressing, so different from any other place.<3

  11. I's a really amazing place. I went last year, and it has become maybe one of the most incredible places I've ever been. Did you got the explicative headphones? They make it so more special! :) Love your blog! xx

  12. Gorgeous!I've only seen the Sagrada from the outside so it' ver cool to also see the inside!♥

  13. Esta quedando hermosisima!! hace un par de años fui y no tenia nada que ver con lo que es ahora! me encantaVisita mi

  14. wow! i normally don't get the point in visiting churches when on vacation, but for this one i'd very well make an exception

  15. That looks totally awesome!!!It´s great you captured it on the video too. When I´m in Barcelona I´m definitely going to see it. Thanks for sharing :DxoglamDevils

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