Pants: ZARA / Tee: ASOS / Bag: Alexander Wang / Sunglasses: ASOS / Bracelet: Hermes / Watch: Michael Kors / Shoes: ZARA / Necklaces:
I bought these pants last Wednesday, it was literally love at first sight plus they fit so well and are extremely comfortable. The only down side is that they now appear to be completely sold out on the website -I wanted a second pair for a present-, I am not surprised tho, they are perfect!

176 thoughts on “BLUE PANTS

  1. this is definitely a rad way to wear this furry pants :-) I really love the black&dark blue color combo!! Cool

  2. I saw shots of this on your instagram and I could not wait to check it out on the blog to find out where they are from! …Wish the Zara pants were still available.

  3. So feisty! ^_^ You look very rock'n'roll :-). Am now following!Would love it if you checked out my blog and followed, I'd be honored! :-)

  4. You're right they are super cute and a great length! U matched it perfectly with the top. And those sunnies. Must get a pair :) EF xo

  5. I don't like this outfit. Sorry. I just don't like such pants. Those reminds me of Emo's era, hah :) Anyway your tshirt is cool and your bag is like dream :)x

  6. totally adore your new pants! they are just awesome! i saw similar pair in TKMaxx today, unfortunatly red one :(not suprised you want another pair;)

  7. They are FABULOUS!!! Zara in the US carries different items than Europe….never seen these before.You look amazing in them!!!

  8. Is it TRF or Women?The sizes and fitting is quite different….Need those pants. Been watching a similar pair from Current/Elliot, but the price was disgusting….

  9. those jeans are such a great fit and colour! love the leopard're gorgeous!!!!I wish they'd get these pants in at Zara in Melbourne, Australia…x Stacetee&fame

  10. Cool sporty look. I was also thinking about buying this pants, they are amzing on youThere is a WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY in my blog:-)Come and win:-)Kisses AgaWORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY!!!WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY!!!

  11. I love your shoes, I've been looking everywhere for shoes like this. Unfortunately I only found the h&m version (but they are also really nice) But I think I will have to go to Zara and buy those! Lovely outfit!xx

  12. You're right! These pants are really great! I have a pair like these in brown and they are SO comfortable. I love them! Need to visit the Zara store in my city, maybe they're still there :) xx

  13. Wow I have a nude one with this print but I love this one even more! I like it how you styled it with black and your sunnies match perfectly :)

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