174 thoughts on “BERLIN PHOTO DIARY

  1. Wow. These photos are absolutely brilliant and your trip seems to be incredible. I am very jealous and I hope you keep these marvelous photos coming!

  2. Wow! I went to Berlin for four days, and it was amazing. There were really interesting thing and the city has so much history… Also their culture is so different and Berlin is full of youth! did you visit the "Casa Okupa"?

  3. I love Berlin, I wish I could go again! The lingerie looks sophisticated and elegant, my type of underwear :)http://jessicaonpoint.wordpress.com

  4. que antipatica!!! jajajajaja (de broma of course) pero es que me encantan todaaaaas tus fotos!!!!…esos pendientes de H&M te quedan geniales, espero llegar a comprar un par en cuanto lleguen a Madrid! besitos, ;) Almahttp://www.soulofashopper.com

  5. Loved the shoes, it is funny cuz Im a Mexican Blogger too, My name is ANDREA and i LOVE starbucks as well.. hahaha funny, hope to meet you one day andy!please visit my blog :)http://dearmilano.com/

  6. what a beautiful pics…you're great :)http://vodka-for-a-fashion-panda.blogspot.it/http://vodka-for-a-fashion-panda.blogspot.it/

  7. Andy es la primera vez que te escribo, y no se como desirtelo, me encanta tu blog <3 , estoy enamoradisima de el, espero y puedas pasar al mio..Besoshttp://lartoffashion.blogspot.com

  8. lush pictures! So jealous of the Hunkemoller underwear. I'm starting to feel really tempted to read Fifty Shades of Grey.. EVERYONE is talking about it!!raspberrykitsch.comxx

  9. Beautiful photos! I love that denim skirt, jacket and the pink Nike Free shoes! I also started reading the "fifty shades off" books. Love it!www.creativityandchocolate.blogspot.com

  10. Hi, ya, your blog is very inspirational, i love the items in the pix box in the last image, especially the bra.am following you now, would love if you could follow me too if you like my blog.www.personalautographs.blogspot.co.ukJatindax

  11. great photos! absolutely love your earrings, pink necklace and blue shoes! looks like you had a great time!Karinawww.mademoisellonthemetro.blogspot.com

  12. I love your glasses! Where did you get them? I wear glasses while using my computer or watching tv, but now I'm actually in need of ones that I'll be able to wear all the time… :( I love the photo of the memorial in Berlin!Aga

  13. Lovely pictures, looks like you made the most of your time in Berlin. Lovely to see you also uploaded the one of us two :) Take carexx

  14. These photos are amazing!! I love your Nike shoes and the jacket aswell! It must be great fun going to a fashion show! I really want to see one for myself, fingers crossed hopefully someday soon!www.cashewcookie.blogspot.com

  15. Really cool pictures, I love the jeans skirt and the shoes you are wearing with it! Hope you had a great time:) xx Katehttp://style-department.blogspot.com

  16. es mas chula esa foto con tu ordenador en el aeropuerto, ya me encanto la 1 vez q la vibesosfranshowroomdegarde.blogspot.com

  17. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos with us. Berlin looks sooo awesome. Love the black and white pics. Are the fifty shades of grey books really good?xoxoglamDevils

  18. Looks like you had a really great time! The food looks especially amazing and I love your style! Xxalicesstlyenotes.blogspot.co.uk

  19. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Berlin is indeed a wonderful city and there's so much to discover. Hope you enjoyed 50 shades. :)

  20. waow.. i really love your pics.. your look like usual is awesome.. love it so much.. and waow.. you are coffee addict.. :Pkutihttp://ishootstyle.blogspot.com

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