Jacket: Maje

It might be a little too soon to thing about the winter -and I certainly don’t want to attract it-, but while I was in Barcelona 2 weeks ago, I found this amazing electric blue jacket with leather detailing and I had an extreme urge to buy it. When I got to the hotel I wondered if I did the right thing, but I am sure I would have regretted it if I was back home empty handed and day dreaming of the million ways I could have worn it. Lucky for me, it has been hanging in my closet for the past 2 weeks, waiting patiently for the Autumn :)

122 thoughts on “BARCELONA SHOPPING

  1. I was just in Barcelona TOO and could not stop drooling over that jacket!! Maje is so amazing. Good for you for scooping it up, I regret not getting it!Love your blog :)

  2. What can be better than shopping in Barcelona? I don't want to think about autumn and winter, too, but this jacket really is great! If I were you, I would definitly look forward to the upcoming season :) xx

  3. As i always say, there is nothing wrong with being prepared!Beautiful jacket by the way~

  4. Well, dear, i am sure you will not regret it.It is always a good idea to do what you want to. Keep

  5. es una chaqueta increible!! estoy deseando verla en tus looks, además el azul klein vendrá muy fuerte esta temporada.Ultimo día para participar en el sorteo de 21Diamonds!!

  6. You have to buy beauties like these as soon as you see them, trust me, I've learnt that the hard way!!Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo intotheblonde BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2012

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