Skirt: ZARA / Tee: Weekday / Shoes: ZARA / Necklace: H&M
I wore this outfit on my “Gaudí day” in Barcelona. I say Gaudí day because we -finally- spent the whole day touristing around the city visiting some of Gaudí’s most famous landmarks in the city and which are absolutely breathtaking. I will share some more of that this weekend :)
Its Friday and I have to catch up on A LOT of emails and work that built up while I was in Spain, but I hope I can spare few hours to watch at least a movie or two. I am thinking of “500 days of summer” but if you have any movie suggestions, do share! ;)…What are your plans for the weekend?

200 thoughts on “500 DAYS OF S…UMMER

  1. Last month I was standing at the same viewing point of the Sagrada Familia on top of Casa Mila, great memories, great city!

  2. Ahhh – it was really you :-) I'm also in Barcelona right now and saw you next to Picasso Museum in Front of this Cathedral… Although your style has been stunning as always, I wasn't sure if it was really you – now I know :-DGreat pictures of a great woman in a great city <3


  4. love this outfit! you're gorgeous by the way! great post!maybe you would want to check out my fashion&beauty blog? i would really appreciate it! xoturquoiseinlove.blogspot.com

  5. Absolutely LOVING this outfit. It's so unexpected in terms of how simple it is in afterthought yet you made it look fantastic. I love that skirt ! -K

  6. I love how you combine the casual t-shirt with the ready-to-party skirt and the sandals and necklace are the cherry on top! Oh and you should totally see Inception

  7. Everything about this outfit is perfect, the tshirt, the skirt, necklace… love itthttp://ohsillyfashion.blogspot.com/

  8. Que buenas fotos, las obras de arte estan increibles!!! y esa falda muy linda!!Deberias ver Diario de una Pasion, a mi siempre me gusta verla :)http://mytigermx.blogspot.mx

  9. i am BEYOND in love with your sunglasses and am too in love with barcelona to talk about. i'm new to your blog, but i am LOVING it!!! keep up the good work :)alicexohttp://aliceandpercy.wordpress.com/

  10. that skirt is amazing! i love the style and the color! wow! and i love your sandals, look so good with those shoes! :)http://katyswardrobe.tumblr.com/

  11. I've seen "La Pedrería" and it's awesome, unfortunately I was only one day, so I couldn't see La Sagrada Familia inside :(, neither the one in the picture. Greetings :)

  12. waow.. amazing look like usual.. i love your necklace and blue skirt.. those cooolkutihttp://ishootstyle.blogspot.com

  13. Las sandalias mas buscadas del verano !! hahahah te estas superchevere!! Bellissima cara, sono contenta che ti paice tantissimo Barcelona è una grande città.xoxoVisit my blog and participate in my giveaway!!!www.soltantouno.blogspot.comThanks a lot!! nice day!!

  14. Hola Andy! que falda más bonita, te queda genial!! Amo Barcelona, tuve la oportunidad de estar 2 veces allí y me encantó….. voy a ver la misma peli ya que la sugerís!! Besote, Mary! y aquí en Argentina es el día del amigo, FELIZ DIA amiga blogger!!! Muakhttp://modatime2011.blogspot.com.ar

  15. q wapa. eres preciosisisisima.tengo dos nuevos outfitfranhttp://showroomdegarde.blogspot.com.es/2012/07/ethnic-belt-and-retro-watch.html

  16. Que guapa vas, me encanta la falda como te queda y preciosas las sandalias, a ver si al final las consigo, por aqui aun no las he visto en ningun zara. yo peliculas hace semanas que no he visto ninguna, pero te recomiendo un libro, 50 sombras de Grey, como me tiene de enganchada. un beso

  17. 500 days of summer is one of my favourite movies, I like the movie "my week with marylin" is cute too =)I love Barcelona is one of my favourite cities! I recognize that place, is gorgeous! and gaudi was a genius!kiss kiss**

  18. Me encanta tu look! La falda es genial. Que te parece Barcelona? Aceptas recomendaciones de lugares para visitar?? Besos Lenahttp://diariodeunaadictaa.blogspot.com.es

  19. I'm thinking to watch Cosmopolitan (starring Robert Patinson) this weekend or next week. It's already on screens;)Love your outfit, simple shirt&peplum skirt combo looks awesome. And leopard sandals.. love them;) Have a great weekend! ;)With love, Egle Ge {HideInSugar}http://hideinsugar.blogspot.com

  20. Finding Neverland (if you haven't already watched it) always cheers me up. Friend With Benefits and Crazy, Stupid, Love are also worth watching ;) Have a lovely weekend too Andy!

  21. Great outfit! I have the same necklace :) and my film suggestion will be the movie "Before sunset". Very romantic and was filmed in Paris. x

  22. such a name ur blog, i see why u don't manage to up grade level with beginner bloggers over crossing u. Change name, such a sound: style crapbook, looks like dutch indeed or norwegian…………….sure, if u wanna become more international and popular

  23. Hey Andy!You were probably the most stylish visitor with your peplum skirt and leather sandals! Love your look! I had a "Gaudi" day last year and I couldn't agree with you more – everything was just beautiful. When you get a moment, I'd love for you to enter my giveaway for a white gold three-feather peacock necklace – it's a beauty! I think you'll like it. :)xx,LunaEnter to win a white gold three-feather peacock necklacetheredtrousers.com

  24. Hey gorgeous! Watch "mama mia" , such a lovely movie, with all abba songs, so sunny and it feels like you are having a vacation while watching it :))There's nothing to plan fot the weekend, because the weather in Lithuania is more than ugly, gosh, do they call it summer? You should visit Lithuania in autumn, we have great fashion event called Fashion Infection, it is kind of fashion week here :)) And Lithuania is beautiful in autumn! :))Kisses!SandraStop by – Where are my keys?

  25. Podrías ver la peli de "A tres metros sobre el cielo" es una película romántica española, basada en el libro de Federico Moccia! La película esta rodada en Barcelona! Asi que puede que te guste mas! Ademas de todo eso, sale uno de los actores más guapos que existen en España, Mario Casas! Asi que si la buscas tiene que ser la versión española! Uff que largo me ha quedado el comentario! Un besito preciosa!

  26. I love the pictures! Your outfit fits great in a sightseeing tour. I would definitly wear something like that, too. Especially in Barcelona. This weekend it's time for some party for me, but I also like your idea of watching movies very much as well. Let's see :) Have a nice weekend! xx

  27. I didn't really like 500 Days Of Summer, Zoe Deschanel is great but the movie was kinda boring. I read The Help during my holiday and watched the movie yesterday, definetly worth watching. ♥-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  28. woow..you look amazing!:3 i don't know what movies you like so I can not advise.. well, and my plans for the weekend are pretty simple. Our family with friends are going swimming:)

  29. This is just stunning. I like how you paired such a groegous skirt with a simple tee. As a lover of leopard prints I of course LOVE the sandals. I've never seen the movie but it really should go on my wish list. I will recommend confessions of a shopaholic if u haven't. Its my go to movie to cheer me up-even better with Ben and Jerry's ice cream. xoxoIvy http://notsopoisonous-ivy.blogspot.co.uk

  30. This skirt is beautiful on you and i'm very envious of those sandals- I saw them when I was in Barcelona too and was far too tempted! Wish i'd bought them now!About to do a big redesign on the blog and would love you to check it out and let me know what you think :) http://www.sw-fashion.net

  31. Unas fotos preciosas en Barcelona. Hay una arquitectura impresionante. Me encanta el look de hoy. Besos,Almuhttp://www.mavieenroseblog.com/

  32. this building looks amazing <3 i really like it! oh your outfit is great. my summer are rather like autumn holidays lolhttp://coeursdefoxes.blogspot.com/

  33. you look amazingGIVEAWAY ON MY BLOGhttp://www.pinkthingsel.com/2012/07/giveawaycacharel-parfumcappertone.html

  34. Great architecture!Like Gaudi.i'll ve to hear Franz Ferdinand and Little Buts on this weekend!I'll go to Moscow in evening!Have a good weekend!Polly with lovefollow)

  35. You look wonderful, Spain really suits you ;) I will have a typical L.A. weekend beach, In & Out, beach, frozen yogurt :) Hope you have a lovely one too! Kisses,Lizette

  36. What a lovely outfit, I have fallen in love with those shoes. Well, if you haven't yet, I recommend you watch "Restless" it's one of my favorite recent movies.I have finals next week so this weekend I will be finishing my final assignment for my design and pattern drafting classes. Might not sound like it but it's fun.

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