June 18, 2012 in Uncategorized by Andy

Happy jump with Jess, Wendy, Zanita and Aimee :)

I dont think I have ever left the blog with no content for this long but I have never had so many problems with the internet connection before either. I am still in Florence but the internet in my room is non existent and It has been driving me crazy not being able to update the blog. these are some photos we took the day after we arrived. There is A LOT of things I want to share with you guys but I have to wait until I am back home and get my reliable wifi connection back, but I am flying home tomorrow at 7:45 am so it shouldnt take too long ;)…I send you a big kiss from sunny Tuscany!

Necklace: Jolita via Boticca / Shorts: Won Hundred / Tee: ZARA / Bag: Dolce & Gabanna