Jacket: ZARA / Jeans: Levis / Sweater: Monki (similar here ) / Sneakers: Lemaré / Bag: Givenchy

I wasn’t planning on shooting this outfit, in fact I was having a busy day so I threw on the comfiest think I saw in the closet but three days ago, while we were doing to a quick trip to ikea, we say a building with flashing lights, we stopped to shoot just for fun and I kinda liked the result so here are the photos :)

And now lets talk about the sneakers; I literally swept the web for months trying to find the Isabel Marant sneakers in black but it was literally impossible to get the real deal, They were sold out everywhere, so I started to give up on the idea of ever getting my hands on them. -Beware that there are a lot of websites pretending to sell you the real deal for around £300 ponds “on sale” and they are nothing but fake knockoffs-
 Few weeks ago, I saw a brand of sneakers called Lemare at LuisaViaRoma , which were the perfect alternative to the Isabel Marant’s and much cheaper.  They didn’t have the all black version online tho but by a strike of luck, I found them at a very small store in Amsterdam like 2 weeks ago -score!-… There are a few budget versions of the wedge sneakers, but I think this and the ASH versions are definitely my favorites because they are not as “chunky” as the Marants, plus I am kinda happy I didn’t spend that much money on a pair of sneakers that might not even be “trendy” in a few months time. Are you into the whole wedge sneaker trend? 

156 thoughts on ““STRIKE OF LUCK”

  1. It's a stroke of luck, not a strike of luck. Although it is possible to 'strike it lucky'. Sorry for the pedantry, love your blog though!!

  2. I am obsessed with tiger faces. This is the coolest shirt ever and I love how it looks with that blazer.Gorgeous photos!xoxo RetroClassyhttp://retroclassy.blogspot.com/

  3. I love these wedge sneakers. I love that they actually pass for sneakers, and don't have that bulky wedge look (but still give you a little height and make your bum and legs look great)

  4. I'm also totally into wedge sneakers and love these! I own two pair, one from Angela Ripardi and the other pair is from Topshop. Love'em! You look great bye the way and love the sweater!www.creativityandchocolate.blogspot.com

  5. cute outfit! its looks indeed comfy yet so stylish. and I kinda like the sneaker wedges trend but am sure it will go away quite soon, so I didnt want to spend that much money on them (that I dont have..) but I really like yours a lot, also because they are not as huuge as the "real" onesX, Anniehttp://www.anniwear.blogspot.com

  6. I'm obsessed with this outfit, it's so casual, sporty and chic. Craving these shoes and the givenchy bag xhttp://ohsillyfashion.blogspot.com/

  7. it is funny because i bought a pair of tan sneaker wedges last year and probably wore them more this year, so hopefully they will stay around a little longer :D-Jessicahttp://runninginsideus.blogspot.com/

  8. yes totally.. although i treally didn't think i would be! just ended up getting a pair after so much restraint and now i'm obsessed:-) love your ones, not too chunky or bulky.. you look perfect as usual andy!<3

  9. I LOVE the Isabel Marant sneakers but unfortunately,they are way off my budget. But I LOVE these Sneakers too! The perfect alternative and definitely much more affordable. I love that Sneakers are making a statement now. I think the power of them is underestimated. I would totally continue wearing them, whether in trend or not, they are perfect for this cold winter!

  10. Me encantan los sneackers!Yo estoy pensando en cogerme los de Hakei :)Un look genialBesitoshttp://quemepongobyalbavila.blogspot.com

  11. I hate that trend. They took ugly shoes and put huge price on them, because they llst their creativity. And of cource they have buyers for that, beacuse people are suffering from ON TREND CLOTHES!

  12. It was a good idea to take the photos there! They're great!What do you think about trip to Taiwan? Are interested? So visit me!

  13. Yes I love wedge sneakers! But I am also trying to find the best color/chunkyness combination. And i really hope they are comfy

  14. Great find Andy!!! If I want the black Isabel Marant too and even though I have come across many other colors my size I wasn't settling for less…Now, you make me think again… should I go for yours???xxxNinahttp://trendsurvivor.com/

  15. LOOOOVE YOUR WEDGE SNEAKS!! ♥YES! I loove the wedge sneaker trend, I'm all for it. I just love how it's like a evolution of typical sneakers. It's like the modern sneaker. Just cool. :DEliza

  16. let's say I prefer watching others wear them in very stylish ways and you rock them ;)http://fashion-gourmet.blogspot.com/

  17. I love finding such great alternatives in price and style to me it feels like such a great accomplishment. To be completely honest I greatly dislike the sneaker trend, I have never been a 'sneaker' girl and would only be caught wearing them at the gym. However, I think this all black version is much better than the original. Good thing you didn't spend a fortune on them, I really hope the trend dies out soon. (sorry for making this the longest. comment. ever!)xx from L.A.Lizette

  18. I'm not an huge fan of this "sneaker wedges trend", but sometimes they look really good. And I'm sure they're really comfy.

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