June 29, 2012 in Uncategorized by Andy

Jacket: ZARA / Jeans: Levis / Sweater: Monki (similar here ) / Sneakers: Lemaré / Bag: Givenchy

I wasn’t planning on shooting this outfit, in fact I was having a busy day so I threw on the comfiest think I saw in the closet but three days ago, while we were doing to a quick trip to ikea, we say a building with flashing lights, we stopped to shoot just for fun and I kinda liked the result so here are the photos :)

And now lets talk about the sneakers; I literally swept the web for months trying to find the Isabel Marant sneakers in black but it was literally impossible to get the real deal, They were sold out everywhere, so I started to give up on the idea of ever getting my hands on them. -Beware that there are a lot of websites pretending to sell you the real deal for around £300 ponds “on sale” and they are nothing but fake knockoffs-
 Few weeks ago, I saw a brand of sneakers called Lemare at LuisaViaRoma , which were the perfect alternative to the Isabel Marant’s and much cheaper.  They didn’t have the all black version online tho but by a strike of luck, I found them at a very small store in Amsterdam like 2 weeks ago -score!-… There are a few budget versions of the wedge sneakers, but I think this and the ASH versions are definitely my favorites because they are not as “chunky” as the Marants, plus I am kinda happy I didn’t spend that much money on a pair of sneakers that might not even be “trendy” in a few months time. Are you into the whole wedge sneaker trend?