I was about to start working on the photos for tomorrows post when I found few pics from our failed attempt to shoot a look under the rain yesterday. When we shot these inside a parking lot I assumed they were all blurry so I didn’t even have a second look until 10 minutes ago when I realized they were not so blurry at all! :O

134 thoughts on “SAVED!

  1. So cute Andy, this outfit is so 60s collegiate chic! And the parking lot effect looks so cool, I've never seen one with blue lighting!<3,

  2. Me encanta el look. En especial los sneakers. Hoy me toco ver una entrevista tuya en la television en Mexico y en verdad que muchisimas felicidades por todo lo que haz logrado con tu blog!

  3. Hola AndyAver si me pueder ayudar.. tengo una boda y me he comprado un vestido azul y unas sandalias rosa flúor, pero no se que bolso y cinturón ponerme.Me puedes aconsejar por favor.Un saludo y te sigo todos los días!!!

  4. Shoots are incredible, you are so cute in that outfit :) !!Much Love, ThePeppyMayMy New Official

  5. Every picture is great when you have smile on your face, that's what I like the most on your blog, no serious face or pose. So happy. :)

  6. Good save! The skirt is fantastic and I like the combination I would've never thought of putting such pieces together.xx from L.A! Lizette

  7. You look gorgeous, perfect outfit! And I actually love the light in there, looks great in the pictures!

  8. Love the sneakers not the real deal IM's I guess (can't see it that well) but still pretty cool with your skirt. Just discovered your blog but already loving it! Keep up inspiring!

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