2 years in one post :)

I am on my way to Florence for the 5th edition of Firenze4ever and I cannot believe it has been 2 years since I went to the very first edition!. I have so many amazing memories of this event specially because its one of the events that brings a lot of my friends together and where I have met a lot of new ones…I am sure this one will be no different and I will come back with a ton of things to share with you, in the meantime I leave you with a medley of some of the memories from 2 years of my Firenze4ever experiences :)

174 thoughts on ““ON MY WAY TO FIRENZE4EVER”

  1. Increíble post. Nos ha encantado. Las fotos increíbles. Da gusto leer tu blog.Un saludo guapa.www.arimoka.comhttp://arimokamoda.blogspot.com

  2. I'm in love with the blue mini skirt of yours.Amazing looks! I laughed at the picture where you "choked" carolina.. very funny hahadecaffashion.blogspot.comSophia

  3. wow i loved reading through this post, great to see you and so many of my other fave bloggers together :D sounds like an amazing eventMel xhttp://www.mediamarmalade.com/

  4. waa~ you had your time girl :)and i'm happy for you too..you know, you have the happiest job on earth. getting paid by putting on clothes on you. don't you think you have to be thankful? hehehe. perhaps sometimes you can make donation to earthy-activity, poverty issue, and stuffs. don't get me wrong, i like you. but i guess you should post something more than just fashion.

  5. Awsome pictures!!! Wow.. all that events.. lucky you! I fall in love with your orange maxi skrit!You have an amazing style, I love your blog!:)Kiss from SerbiaIvanaxxx

  6. Hi Andy I have a question that I don´t know if it is real or I should ask it. Is it real that there is a lot of envy and backstabbing in the blogger world? Have you ever felt that this world is to closed for newcomers and new aspiring bloggers? Thanks again and hope it is ok to ask :)

  7. This is amazing Andy I started following right around that first time you went and I have loved living vicariously through your experiences. Thank you for sharing. ¡Eres un orgullo Mexicano! besos guapa! Lizette

  8. I can see that you have a lot of friends Andy! And your friends mostly are all fashion blogger too! By the way, you look very gorgeous in every pic!From:Camera Fashion And Me :)http://camerafashionandme.blogspot.com

  9. Loving all the look! My favorite is the tangerine peplum look! Have a great trip!xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  10. this looks like so much fun!! you look amazing in all the pictures, hope you had a blast-Jessicahttp://runninginsideus.blogspot.com/

  11. wow! I loved the outfit with the simple black dress, and the leopard pumps! So elegant! And both looks in the last photos are amazing as well!

  12. You look so amazing Andy, and your friends too! It look like you are having a wonderfull time, I'm looking forward to see photos from this years event, have a nice time!!!www.juliemitzie.tumblr.com

  13. Aaaah lovely pictures ! I'ts smazing how bloggers from all over the world can be friends together ! :D keep up the good work Andy

  14. You are sooooo prettty in the silver dress! ♥Love your leo C.L heels, soooo hott!! ♥I loove the pic of you and Chiara laying on the bed? together with your sunnies on, so cool. :D I LOOOOOVE SOOO MUCH THE BRIGHT ORANGE PEPLUM SKIRT, SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! ♥♥♥♥Love the pics Andy, have fun! :D-Eliza

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