June 1, 2012 in Uncategorized by Andy

Jacket: ZARA / Shirt: H&M (In stores soon) / Shoes: Alexander Wang / Shorts: ZARA / Watch: ToyWatch / Bag: ASOS
I am so happy its Friday today, you have no idea!…What are your plans for the weekend? I always want to plan a lazy weekend full of movies, takeout, candle lights and maybe glass of wine, but of course, most of the times this never ends up happening, mainly because I normally start my mornings with a workout and end up going to the city to shoot a Look of the Day, mingle there for a while and end up working on the blog until late. A lot of the times I just cant decide on which movie to watch, which happens a lot in fact. 
I always get so excited about having a movie night but gosh, deciding on a movie and agreeing on it is almost impossible. I like scary movies for starters, no, let me rephrase it, I love scary movies, thing is, finding a good scary movie is hard, plus my boyfriend is not too keen on them so there goes that category. He likes action films, I am not so keen on those and don’t even mention him the Chick flicks, he wont give those a chance, ever, so yeah, movie nights don’t happen very often in my world, I wish they did tho!