Jacket: ZARA / Shirt: H&M (In stores soon) / Shoes: Alexander Wang / Shorts: ZARA / Watch: ToyWatch / Bag: ASOS

I am so happy its Friday today, you have no idea!…What are your plans for the weekend? I always want to plan a lazy weekend full of movies, takeout, candle lights and maybe glass of wine, but of course, most of the times this never ends up happening, mainly because I normally start my mornings with a workout and end up going to the city to shoot a Look of the Day, mingle there for a while and end up working on the blog until late. A lot of the times I just cant decide on which movie to watch, which happens a lot in fact. 
I always get so excited about having a movie night but gosh, deciding on a movie and agreeing on it is almost impossible. I like scary movies for starters, no, let me rephrase it, I love scary movies, thing is, finding a good scary movie is hard, plus my boyfriend is not too keen on them so there goes that category. He likes action films, I am not so keen on those and don’t even mention him the Chick flicks, he wont give those a chance, ever, so yeah, movie nights don’t happen very often in my world, I wish they did tho! 

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  1. Haha that happens to me quite often as well and then I just end up watching something I've seen like 20 times. Oh and lovely outfit the shorts are adorable! xx from L.A!Lizette

  2. beautiful! and I love that jacket on you, crazy, but it fits you much better than Chiara. Maybe you've got that sporty look ;)www.thestylebakery.com

  3. Prometheus is coming to Europe this weekend… it is part scary, part action, sci-fi, with a leading lady but not a chick flick. Maybe you could agree on it? There is a lot of hype aroud it and (some) people will say it will as big/bigger than Avatar. I have no personal interest on it though, just thought a non fashion comment was in order with your post from today!

  4. Me encantan los shorts y blazer!! Es la primera vez que oigo acerca de tu novio … es holandes?? Lees todos Los comentarios??Besoscheca mi DIY denim vest por fa!!morenafashion-gaby.blogspot.com

  5. that is pretty much all me and my boyfriend do, have movie nights like every night and if we aren't doing that then we are both working on our own blogs and things on the computer. hahaanways…I love the outfit. So jealous of the shoeshttp://jenalyenns.blogspot.ca/

  6. Andy! entiendo tu dilema sobre las pelis, yo también tengo ese problema con mi novio (y el estudia cine jaja) pero hay veces que solo quiero ver el típico cliché de chicas para "apagar el cerebro un rato" pero el definitivamente no les da una oportunidad, también me gustan las de terror demasiado pero el es un cobarde total jaja. Así que casi siempre optamos por puntos medios, te recomiendo que veas "Jeux d' enfants" (atrevete a amar en español) es muy linda y le gusta mucho a los dos géneros! jaja.Me gusto mucho tu short!, tengo uno parecido pero es mas cortito, me lo pondré el día de hoy inspirando en ti :) BESOS DESDE MÉXICO!http://thefantastico.blogspot.mx

  7. Hola! Me encanta el short, es divino. Me pasa un poco lo mismo con las pelis en relación a mi novio jejeje. Besoshttp://ponerleonda.blogspot.com.ar/

  8. Super cute outfit! I love how you did your hair here. My boyfriend and I actually just saw a good movie last night (that's not either chick flick, action, or scary so it might work for both of u like it did us :) It was a Scandinavian movie called "After the Wedding." U should check it out! EF xohttp://theboudoirmemoirs.blogspot.com

  9. This is the first time ever since your boyfriend inviteded you to paris about 3-4 years ago, that u said some thing about your BoyFriend. Is this still the same guy when u started the blog? What does your boyfriend look like? Tell us more about him? Does he do the pictures for he do the pics for the blog? Or is that some one else?

  10. HOLA!! Soy Laura Blanco y mi blog persona es: mamaartista. Adoro tu blog y lo visito a menudo me encantaría que te pasases por mi espacio y me digeses que te parece¿? Y si te gusta, te propongo que me pongas en tu lista de blog y asi me ayudas a que mi blog sea más visto!! Muchas gracias, uN saludo guapa

  11. I think that's the first time you actually mention your boyfriend :) aww!! I have no clue how long you two have been together but I wish you all the best! And hey, I got the same movie problem with my bf ;) so why don't you just choose one for tonight and he can choose one for sat night? ;)have a great wkend andy!

  12. Its the Queens Diamond Jubilee (she's been on the throne for 60 glorious years) here in the UK so this weekend there is going to be lots of Street parties and processions in London. Love the shorts :)

  13. Ah ah my boyfriend is exactly the same! We end up watching different movies on our own computers (with earphones) not really romantic ;) Btw, love your shoes!!!xxx

  14. I love your style. And here I love the skirt. In Poland today it's child's day. However I don't like this type of shoes, but anyway you matched sport jacket with lace skirt great!

  15. Very cool t-shirt! But what I prefer in your outfit is your amazing short! I'm in love with lace short and I wish to have one on white colour ♥ Haha, your boyfriend make me think to my best friend : When we go to the cinema, she always want to see horror movie, but me, I prefer "girl" or "teen movie" (like Princess Protection Program, or In her shoes). It's too difficult to choose the good movie haha!

  16. AMAZING SHOES! XXXXhttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.it/http://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.it/http://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.it/

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