Sweater: ASOS / Shoes: Alexander Wang / Denim skirt: H&M / Rings: Michelle Oh / Earrings: H&M (in stores soon) / Bag: Givenchy 

I remember when I was in Elementary school and I used to love wearing earrings, of course my taste changed with time and for almost 10 years I rarely wore a pair, I just didn’t like it at all, specially in the past 5 years. Its funny how things change and now, I am kinda getting obsessed with big statement earrings again, first it was the huge statement necklaces and now its the earrings, I wonder what will come next…

156 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “BLUE”

  1. I love how old trends starting sneaking its way back in, its fun and it we get to put a cool new twist on it I also love the masculine/feminine look and you pulling off the male blue Aztec sweater with that jean skirt I`M LITERALLY IN LOVE. but lets not forget about those sexy Alexander Wang babies hehe! STELLAR BABE!Cymonexo

  2. Great pics, love this look and those earrings are FIERCE!!That's what I love about fashion, it's constantly changing and our style and what we love can change right along with it!!xxhttp://thekirbybee.blogspot.com.au/

  3. Wow, amazing blue! Stunning! I fall in love with your skirt and earrings! :)Have a good start of the week,Ivana

  4. I don't like these shoes, but the rest is very good! I think that almost each of us has at least one pair of big earrings, no matter if we wear them ;-)Visit me, cheap holidays flights today!

  5. Lovely look! Haha I also remember that I had 100 pairs of earrings when I was teenager :Dhttp://www.martasfashiondiary.com/

  6. The jumper is great and I love how it's quite eighties, especially with those statement earrings. Gonna see if I can get myself a pair of those earrings from H&M as they're amazing looking.Love the photos, as always.Franzixxhttp://franzistylenomad.wordpress.com/

  7. love your pumps!xxxhttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.it/http://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.it/http://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.it/

  8. Let me think… huge jumpers? ;)I wonder how do you find all of these wonderfull knits, I like this one!xxxFanny

  9. I love these delicate earrings with this jumper! This looks is so feminin eventhough the pieces themself are rather 'strong'..Do you know what I mean? :Dxx

  10. I have always been a big earrings girl especially since I didn't get my ears re-pierced until I was…wait for it, 21! And I am glad that now earrings are all of a sudden in again.xx from L.A!

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