White skirt: ASOS  / Black skirt: ASOS

I very rarely shoot photos inside my apartment, I used to back in the day, but I haven’t done it in ages until yesterday when I shot these couple of photos. I bought these skirts weeks ago and I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear them. You probably know the feeling when you have something new and you are just itching to wear it, so that was the problem, I got too impatient and I just had to share them with you. Maybe I will take them to Florence next week :)

P.S- I havent got a single clue as in why my legs look so tanned on the photos because I am definitely not at all.

125 thoughts on “IMPATIENCE

  1. The good thing about white is that you seem always tanned wearing it! Those skirts are beautiful, I understand that you want to wear them! They are perfect… I mean this is just what I want to wear right now!

  2. Very nice!!visit my blog we can follow each othersMiss

  3. these skirts are so hot! both of them are intensely awesome ;)oh i turned 21 and i bought the prada SS12 runway sunnglasses, check it out on me in my newest blog post!! and tell me what u think ;)xx nathan.niche

  4. La falda negra esta preciosaa & la blanca tmb pero no me hago ilusiones pq kn estas caderas esas faldas son mis enemigas!

  5. Probably those skirts were telling some naughty things to your legs so they blushed, that's why they're so tan :PLove both of them!! I think I love the white one better, but the black one is amazing as well :)

  6. Dear Andy,I've been following your blog for about a year now, and recently I decided I would like to kick off mine as well. So I started to look around my favorite blogs to find tips and cues on how to create a successful blog. Obviously, I stumbled upon your TEDxTalk and I just wanted to say: thank you, thank you, thank you for great inspiration! Having followed many fashion blogs for many months I pretty much knew what to expect, but I thought you absolutely hit the nail on the head! I'm just starting out now, so I won't be able to use your advice to the fullest, but I will always think about it in the future.Thank you again, I love your style and admire your determination that got you where you are now!xoxo, Ola

  7. I'm loving the black skirt. It's like an extended peplum skirt with the sheer underlay. Can't wait to see it styled in a complete look.xoxo

  8. That black skirt is gorgeous! Minimalism at its best! Can't wait to see how u style it soon!xoxo

  9. Es cierto!!! Lo primero que pensé fue en que eran fotos edtoriales, hasta que leí bien. LOL. Están hermosas, de cualquier manera. Besos desde Venezuela, Andy. :)

  10. Oee amazing skirts! Are you in Florence next week? I will be there too! Have fun and maybe we run into each other :)xo

  11. Now, THOSE are some pretty inventive skirt designs. I've never been a huge ASOS shopper, but you really know how to find and pick up all the best pieces. Can't wait to see how you style them.

  12. LOVE the black one, the sheer layer is divine and the crochet on the white is brilliant!!I can never wait to wear anything new, especially new shoes!!xx

  13. love both those skirts, they're so lush and a bit different to the standard pencil skirt.I thought i preferred the white one, but actually the black is amazing tooMel x

  14. I totally know the feeling! Because of the bad weather in Brussels, I am still waiting to wear some of my clothes!!

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