Jeans: DIY (ZARA) / Headphones: Urbanears / Shoes: ZARA / Bag: Givenchy / Sweater: Super duper old / Belt: Mango

I bet that Katy Perry’s song “Hot n Cold” is secretly dedicated to Holland’s weather. – and my ex boyfriend too!- haha

Les apuesto que la canción “Hot n Cold” de Katy Perry esta dedicada al clima de Holanda. -¡y a mi ex novio tambien!- haha

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  2. I totally adore your outfit here.It's so simple, but also so cool!I really like that simple outfits, those are BEST <3http://coeursdefoxes.blogspot.com/xx

  3. I love how you always put together on outfit that is so effortlessy stylish and so "you." I love your style. You can find anything old in your closet and make it work. I wear a lot of sweaters like that as a result of me not knowing how to wash my boyfriend's clothes properly. I shrunk all his sweaters! I never learn…lolwww.caviarnoirjewelry.com

  4. i've been following your blog for a long time…and after how much your style has evolved, i still like your simple casual every day outfits best!

  5. Such a cute sweater! Don't you love when you re-find old things in your closet? It's my favorite thing! (Almost as good as new clothes…)www.stylingmylife.com

  6. me encanta la combinacion del morado con el print, haha a algunos lugares de México tambien se les puede dedicar esa canción xx !www.lam-style.blogspot.com

  7. Este outfit es perfecto, no imagino nada mejor :) adoro tu blogg! :Dpasate por el mio, hace poco que lo empezé, y me gustaria saber que te pareze: byclaudiablog.blogspot.com.es

  8. I love this outfit sooo mcuh, especially the combination of this sweater and leopard heels :) and thiiiis is my favorite bag in the world xhttp://ohsillyfashion.blogspot.com/

  9. andyyyyy…todavia tienes estoos pantalones??? http://www.stylescrapbook.com/2011/04/look-of-day-pants.htmlsi ya no los usas..no los quieres vender'?? yo los quieroooooooo :D <3<[email protected]

  10. I like your jumper! I like the colour! I like your headphones too!From:Camera Fashion And Me :)http://camerafashionandme.blogspot.com

  11. Haha!Seriously, wearing a jumper in summer is just not right.Where is the nice weather in Holland?!♥http://style-chameleon.blogspot.com/

  12. this outfit is really nice; love the jumper, especially its colour!the leopard print accessories are great compliments to the outfit xwww.thatgoodgirlchi.blogspot.com

  13. love the sweater!but seriously? what's wrong with the weather??is it always like that??a greek girl living in the netherlands, without any -summery- vacations…yet…

  14. Even though I cannot believe you're wearing a sweater at the end of June (it should be tank tops and shorts) I LOVE the look! The sweater is fantastic! xo, Christinahttp://www.styleclouds.de

  15. LOL at the ex-boyfriend comment! BTW, your sweater looks so nice and comfy. Too bad, I can't wear a thick sweater like that in my country. :/

  16. You look so good! And I love the sweater, old sweaters are the best, I tend to steal my mom's sweater from when she was younger. The shoes look great too :) Awkwardly Dancing: Fashion, Films, Photography and Musichttp://awkwardlydancing.blogspo.mx

  17. you're look amazing! I love your blog and I'm follow you <3 thanks you! :)and you promised that visited my blog, I'll hope you'll do it :)

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  19. Wooo, ultimamente te veo. Super inspiradas, me encantan tus tres ultimos looks! Y eso q x andalucia sn imposibles… Demasiado calor xa llevar jersey jejejjeSimplemente me encantas! bplastyle.blogspot.com

  20. Love this outfit ♥I love the leo prints and color with the purple pinkish sweater and the color of your jeans, nicely goes, surpingly to me. :)Love the headphones andy! ♥lol @ hot n cold of hollands weather and ur ex bf.-Eliza

  21. So cute sweater! I like how you wear the headphones in the same color and the all the leopard without being too much.xxx- Laurahttp://ucouldbemysomeone.blogspot.com

  22. I love the colour of the sweater ♥, it really pops out!Beautiful outfit♥Oana♥http://fashioncharme.blogspot.ro/

  23. me encanta tu jersey! esta genial!!! el color ademas es precioso y con los zapatos de leopardo…love it!!! ;) besos, Almahttp://www.soulofashopper.com

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