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Some of you already follow me on instagram so you might have seen this photos already, but for the ones who haven’t, I wanted to put together a diary of my trip to Florence last weekend. It was the greatest feeling to escape from the rain and the cold in Amsterdam and spend 4 days under the Tuscan sun. Even if some days it was over 38 degrees celsius, being able to enjoy summer at last was the best feeling, never mind the 3 or 4 liters of water I had to drink per hour to avoid dehydration :P … I miss Florence already!

[email protected] de ustedes ya habrán visto estas fotos en instagram, pero queria hace un mini diario de mi viaje a Florencia para [email protected] que todavía no me siguen. Fue lo máximo para mi escapar del frío y la lluvia en Amsterdam y pasar 4 días bajo el sol de la Toscana Italiana. A pesar de que algunos días estabamos a mas de 38 grados centígrados y que me tenia que tomar un promedio de 3 litros de agua por hora para no deshidratarme, fue un viaje muy especial :)

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  1. ah,instagram<3http://unasrandomfashion.blogspot.com/http://unasrandomfashion.blogspot.com/http://unasrandomfashion.blogspot.com/

  2. Looks like you had a blast! I love the pics. I actually bought those lace denim shorts at ZARA. Its so cute and very ode to 80s Madonna era. Where and what was the name of the place you were having dinner at? It looks amazing.www.caviarnoirjewelry.com

  3. You captured beautiful moments! Looks like you had an amazing time during the trip!XoElenahttp://dcinstyle.com/blog/

  4. It looks so fantastic! I'm headed over to Italy this week, and your pictures have made me even more excited at the anticipation!

  5. so much fun!!! seems you had a great time there. I was in North Korea last week and i enjoyed my trip a lot too!! check out my blog :)Jesshttp://sweetfashionsweet.blogspot.com

  6. all the photos are amazing, especially the one with a leaopard bag, caffe new york and lace shorts (i tried to find them in all the zaras in my city, but they're all gone :( )xhttp://ohsillyfashion.blogspot.com/

  7. Wow, it looks like you had so funny time! i love your instagram pictures, especially that one with pantera bag :):) so so so cool<3<3http://coeursdefoxes.blogspot.com/xx

  8. Thank you for sharing these inspiring picture ! It's raining in Paris right now so it's nice to escape to a sunny country for a while ;) I hope you had fun and ate a lot of italian ice cream (yum!)Once again, you are really my FAVORITE blogger :)

  9. Florence is one of the best place of the world!!! I've already seen this pic but I'm happy to see them again :) Love from ItalyGiuliahttp://poppiess.blogspot.it/http://poppiess.blogspot.it/

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