May 9, 2012 in Uncategorized by Andy

Yiha!!! I leave you guys with my latest DIY video which occurred to me while I was clearing out my closet and about to get rid of a bunch of stuff…The key is on recycling and reinventing! 😉  -Don’t miss out on the bloopers!-

P.S- I dont recommend you using your mothers Wok for this, unless you want your next stir fry tie dyed. I had to use mine because it was the biggest pot I could find in my kitchen.

Yiha!!! Los dejo con un video de mi mas reciente “Hazlo tu misma” que se me ocurrió mientras acomodaba mi closet para deshacerme de algunas prendas …¡ La clave esta en reciclar y re-inventar! 😉 -No se pierdan los bloopers!-

P.S- No te recomiendo usar el Wok de tu mama, yo lo use por que fue lo mas grande que encontré en mi cocina.