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Just came back from the most amazing 3 days in Barcelona thanks to Pronovias. I was invited to see their show and although I don’t normally check out bridal trends, I thought it sounded like a fun and interesting experience, plus I was going to get the chance to hang out with my friends Carolina & Mattias AND FINALLY wear my super duper amazing dress which I have been dying to show you for the longest time!

The show was beautiful and dreamy, it was as if every single model was coming out of a Disney movie on their princess wedding dresses and OH MY LORD the after party was out of control!!! The venue was the “Albeniz Palace” which is literally the official residence of the King of Spain when he is in Barcelona. I tried to capture the beautiful mood of the place but it was almost impossible, I just hope that some photos of the event pop out there so I can share them with you. The party was DJ’ed by the coolest Gerard Estadella and of course everyone ended up dancing at the improvised Dance floor with the most beautiful view of the city, including Karolina Kurkova and Bar Rafaeli.
I also got to hang out with fellow Mexican, the gorgeous Michelle Salas , my friend Zina and met a lot of Spanish bloggers which made me super happy!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

Dress: H&M Conscious Collection

108 thoughts on “TRIPS “BARCELONA DIARY”

  1. Wow to that breattaking white dress you are wearing, wow wow wow, I need to see more pics of that asap and yumm to all the candy!!!All<

  2. hi andy! i'm a your follower.. i love your style! in the oast i've went to barcelona, it's very beautiful. sorry for the bad english XD xoxo

  3. oooooh gosh…I'm so jealous!!!!! I really wish, someday, I could be as successful as you, and travel and go to so many events… you're a real model for me! :) xoxo

  4. You definitely have a sweet tooth =) I saw those pics and I think seeing the show live is even more interesting. It feels like those "Happily Ever After" moment =)

  5. Loooooovely pictures sweetie! I've enjoyed a lot your post! You are very lucky I wish one day they invite me to those fabulous parties and events!kisses from Barcelona!!! xxx

  6. Love all this pictures :)You Andy, are always stylish!!I am back with the blog…come visit, I follow/reply

  7. ohhhh i love instagram posts! and the pictures from this bridal event. good outfit choice for the event night, loved this whitish dress you wear…have a wonderful sunday and week!

  8. Wow! Barcelona is beautiful! Looks like you've had a great time! You both look stunning in those dresses by the way! xoxo Eve

  9. Loove the clutches, loove the candy pics, soo yuum! ♥Nice dress Andy, love the layers of the dress. I think that dress would look super cute as a short version, if there was one. :D-Eliza

  10. Oh I always love these instagram posts. They are so interesting. :)It`s nice to see you smiling so cute.

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