Dress: ZARA / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Shoes: ZARA / Sunglasses: Lanvin for H&M / Bracelet: Hermes

I got this dress back in March while I was still traveling down Latin America, thing is, I got it online so I had to wait until I was back in Holland to wear it, so here I am, finally being able to wear it! … Has it ever happened to you that whenever you go on a trip, you suddenly remember something that you forgot at home and think; “Dammit! I could have worn this right now and it would have been perfect!” and all of a sudden everything that you packed and brought with you is not good enough?, well, that happened to me like 101 times during my trip :-/

P.S- HUGE shout out to StyleScrapbook’s superstar photographer because today’s his Birthday! :D

Compre este vestido en Marzo cuando todavia estaba viajando por America Latina, la cosa es que lo compre por internet así que me tuve que esperar hasta regresar a Holanda para poder ponermelo y asi pasaron los meses… Seguro te ha pasado que te vas de viaje y de pronto te acuerdas de algo que se te olvido, ya sabes, el tipico momento de; “¡Diablos, esto me quedaria perfecto en este instante!” y nada de lo que traes le llega a los talones?. Pues así me paso 101 veces durante el viaje :-/ 


I carry way too much stuff inside my bag, in fact whats in this picture is just a fraction of what I have in there. People who know me always ask me why is my bag so damn heavy all the time and even believe I carry gym weights every now and then, maybe even rocks but I just find everything inside it essential!. I probably don’t end up using 40% of whats in there but “What if I need it one day?”, I cant possibly get it out because one day it will come in handy right? 

Cargo demasiadas cosas en mi bolsa, de hecho lo que esta en esta foto es una fracción de lo que traigo adentro y la mayoría de la gente que me conoce siempre me pregunta por que mi bolsa pesa como si cargara piedras. La verdad es que según yo, todo lo que cargo es “esencial”, aunque no termine usando el 40% de lo que traigo adentro, pero “¿Que tal si un día lo necesito?”, Obviamente lo tengo que traer conmigo por si las dudas ¿no?


You might find this story familiar, you know, when you find something that you REALLY REALLY want but it seems to be sold out everywhere. I literally swept the web for weeks and weeks trying to find these shoes, of course I couldn’t find them available and yesterday, just as I was about to give up, I found the very last pair and it was my size! … I don’t always get this lucky, but I guess my story had a happy ending this time, now I just have to wait 3 to 5 days to be able have them in my hands, sigh……