Necklace: H&M / Bag: ZARA / Sunnies: H&M

I love sharing with you the new treasures I find, this time tho one of them is 100 more special because it was a present from my dear friend Sania who knew how much I wanted the crystal necklace but since I was on the other side of the Atlantic for 2 months, I couldn’t get my hands on it so she surprised me with it!!!. The other 2 are an amazing multicolored dyed clutch from ZARA and the biggest sunglasses I have ever owned and which I am in love with because nothing beats pair of oversized sunnies for the summer!

Me encanta compartir con ustedes los pequenos tesoros que encuentro pero esta vez uno de ellos es 100 veces mas especial por que fue un regalo de mi amiga Sania que sabia cuanto quería ese collar pero como estuve del otro lado del Atlántico por 2 meses, no me lo pude comprar así que me sorprendió con el :). Los otros son una bolsa de colores a la que parece que le exploto la caja de acuarelas y unos lentes turquesa por que nada es mejor que un par de lentes de colores para el verano y mas cuando te costaron 7 euros en H&M ;)

84 thoughts on “NEW IN “NECKLACE, BAG, SUNNIES”

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  2. I'm dyyyyyiiiing to find the Audrey ones form Celine, but I can't find them anywhere. I'm getting depressed because I really wanted them but I simply can't find them. Do you have any idea where can I buy them? I'm from Portugal so, I supposed I can only do it online :S

  3. Well the sunnies are really great and necklaces like these one are always cool for casual looks :Dxx

  4. I went to all 3 H&M shops in my city to find this necklace but they didn't have it! :( it's very pretty!! love the colour of the sunnies,too!!!

  5. i knew before the video started that it would be that necklace. i´ve checked h&m 10 times already and they still don´t have it in germany. that sucks :-(xoglamDevils

  6. I want that necklace too!!! And the bag is really pretty aswell can't wait to see an outfit with it!XX

  7. love the necklace and sunnies!xxx

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