Let me introduce to you what could be referred as the most comfortable high heels I’ve ever owned and yeah, I really wanted them in black but apart from the fact that they were completely sold out EVERYWHERE since ages ago, most of my shoes are black, so the Burgundy pair all of a sudden became very attractive…This color is almost sold out as well but I think there are a few pairs left internationally HERE and in the US HERE.

111 thoughts on “MY PRECIOUS

  1. Only just seen these beauties the other day. LOVE the texture, and the colour is fantastic!!xx

  2. they are gorgeous, hard to believe they are comfortable! i always feel like there is no way i could walk in a heel like this haha-Jessica

  3. The shoes…. oh my… so so so sooooo stunning!!!!! i love it so muchhhh, it looks good on your feet btw:) Arina Nahya<3

  4. Such a beautiful shoe- I really love the design of the pointy toe, the skinny heel and the ankle strap together. It's edgy but very feminine. Burgundy was also a good choice- it's different!!

  5. Those shoes are truly amazing! Love them! xxPiphttp://easyoutfitsbypip.blogspot.com

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