I am utterly obsessed with music and once I get fixated on a song, I will play it all day, everyday for weeks. I heard the first song for the first time on my flight from Colombia to Mexico back at the end of March but due to a lack of internet connection, I couldn’t shazam it so I had to quickly type part of the lyrics on my iPhone and so it stayed on my notes folder for over a month.
The other night I was suffering from the worst jet-lag ever recorded and started rambling on my iPhone’s photo gallery and notes and thats when I saw it again, quickly got out of bed in the middle of the night, turned my computer on and googled the lyrics. Thats how I found “Sleeping at last” which is the name of the band responsible for this song and now, I cant get enough, I am obsessed with their music and what an amazing feeling it is to discover a band which pretty much fits my music taste spot on.

Which songs or bands are obsessing you lately?


  1. Dear Andy! Discovering new music is always fantastic, especially when it is so beautiful as this! Thank you so much! Maybe you´ve already heard of him, but canadian Patric Watson´s music is really nice, he´s got almost the same fragile voice as "sleeping at last", you should really check it out :-) :-)

  2. I love discovering new bands ! Some time ago, I heard a really cool band at Tallinn Music Week, they're called Fonovel and are from Poland. I even somehow managed to get my hands on their CD and I love them. The music is kind of Franz Ferinand, but more electric.-P.Bowtie Diary

  3. Magnificas elecciones, yo AMO a John Mayer te recomiendo su nuevo single "Shadow Days", saludos desde San Luis Potosi.pd:Ame tus tenis Nike!jessie.

  4. I had literally just found their song "Turning Page" a few weeks ago and have had it on repeat so much! I think it's on if the most beautiful songs I've ever heard!! And now that I've heard the other two songs that u posted by this band, i really like those too!! :)

  5. Oh A mi encanta Sleeping at Last. La primera vez que los eschuque fue cuando me descarge el CD de Breaking Dawn, y l amae!Turning Page es… Que sentimiento! Cuando vi tu post de hace unos dias y vi el nombre que le habias puesto dije: Sleeping at last. :DAhora mismo estoy mas que obsecionada con Adele bueno ya lo estoy desde 2007 la primera vez que la escuche, pero recientemente no dejo de escuchar el Album "Our version of events" de Emeli Sande. Es increible.

  6. you gotta love song obsession or when you forget about songs and rediscover them!-Jessica

  7. This is such a great recommendation! I never heard of them before, but I'm loving these songs :) EF xo

  8. I also loved those ones. :)I've been obsessed listening to:♫ Gotye – Somebody I Used to Know ft Kimbra♫ Ben Howard – Keep your head up♫ Blind Pilot – We are the Tide♫ The Lumineers – Ho Hey♫ u2 – Stuck in a moment♫ Foxes – HomeThese has been the songs I've been listening to the past weeks and months. I am uttterly obsessed with them. and you know what almost everyday I download new music but I always end up listening to the old ones. hahaha :)Happy Weekend!!! xxx

  9. i've heard this for the first time in twilight movie; breaking down. i fell in love! you should watch it, music adds this movie something amazing :)

  10. music by Bon Iver is the perfect music to listen to while studyingbut sleeping at last also works perfectly:) thank you for sharing!

  11. oh i know that. i'm as obsessed with music as you are.. and i'm always listening to my favourites so many times that i can't stand them at all in the end (at least for a couple of weeks:) have a wonderful weekend!! p.s. love your blog!! x

  12. I already had the first song but I definitely have to agree with you – it's a beautiful song!xx Nicole

  13. oh my love the next to you song!since you posted the new in video where you used this song I am obsessed with it!love this band :) thank you for sharing!you have an amazing style in music as well!

  14. You see, sometimes the best things in life – like this favourite song in your case – come unexpectedly and we tend to think it is a coincidence… jet-leg, middle of the night… but finally everything works out best for us:) A coincidence? I do not think so:) Enjoy:D

  15. Wow, I'm liking these songs and hey, let me know if you like JONSI. Listen to him! I've been loving his music since the movie We bought a zoo. It's actually amazing for me.

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