Pants: IRO / Sweatshirt: COS / Shoes: ASOS / Bag: Werelse for Mango Touch / Rings: Michelle Oh via Boticca / Coat: Bought in Colombia

One of the most FAQ I get is if I plan my Looks of the Day way ahead but to be honest, I normally wear the “first thing that comes to mind” in the morning, meaning that its rare when I plan things ahead, unless I am going to an event, fashion weeks or something. Last night while I was up almost all night thanks to the jet-lag, I imagined this outfit so clearly that I knew right away thats what I wanted to wear in the morning, so I did. 
I love these pants, not only because they are kinda special but also because you can draw things on them by changing the direction of the sequins and boy does that keep me entertained or what?!

Una de las preguntas que me hacen mas seguido es si escojo mis Looks del Dia con mucho tiempo de anticipación y la verdad es que no, me pongo lo primero que se me ocurre en las mañanas, salvo que tenga un evento, Fashion Weeks o algo parecido. Ayer en la noche mientras sufría de insomnio  me imagine este look, algo cómodo pero “especial” y fue exactamente lo que me puse en la mañana.
Me fascinan estos pantalones por que tienen un extra que los hace muy especiales y es que si mueves las lentejuelas de lado a lado, puedes dibujar cositas y así me la paso todo el día entretenida ;)

168 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “TURNING PAGE”

  1. OMGOSH, I saw you that day!I didn't know for sure. So I didn't say anything.If I knew , I would loved to take a picture with you.love your blog!

  2. The detailing of everything is just perfect! You are always so impeccably put together Andy (even with jet lag)! You're one of my style inspirations! Haha and I totally know what you mean about drawing on sequin pants- I tend to do that too! =) Have a wonderful weekend! <3The Style Moodboard

  3. Hey Andy!Love the look! Did you customize your shoes yourself after buying them? ONly found them in blue without the fleur de lys.Thanks!www.begetsee.com

  4. Que linda, se nota que estas disfrutando mucho tener tu closet de vuelta. Queria preguntarte donde conseguiste ese abrigo?? en que tienda en Colombia? Un abrazo!

  5. Thank you so much for featuring my initial rings again in your post today :) I'm very very happy that you like them and that they fit you well. Michelle OhJewellery Designerwww.boticca.com/michellekiranaoh

  6. love how the sparkle in the pants is picked up by the sparkle in the collar!-Jessicahttp://runninginsideus.blogspot.com/

  7. You have such an amazing sense of style! Love those little rings!Visit my blog:www.fashion-passion-love.blogspot.com

  8. very pretty loafers! the badge on it makes it look way too good. too classy too :Dyou style glitter looks really well in a casual theme Andy^^ a bit of bling from those pants, loafers, necklace, and of course, your smile brightens up the day! xStyle Hostess Pinterest

  9. Dear Anonymous:I am actually very tall so I think that helps distributing my weight but I also have to work out and eat as healthy as I can, although I must admit that I don't keep a super strict diet. I think the key is on the balance in which you do both and don't stop eating candy all together, you have one day a week where you can cheat! XxA

  10. Darling, I have a question to you. How do you stay in that excellente shape? I remember you said that you regularly go to the gym, but by nature you have a loq or a high metabolism? I mean… if you'd stop doing sport, would you get some weight of this one is your immortal? hahah. I know sounds stupid but for example I have a very low metabolism and I have to go to gym about 4 times a week and est no candies.So please tell about that in one of your posts. Thank you a lot! :*)

  11. great combination!finally your are allowed to wear your werelse collection ;)xxSarahwww.sarahs-fashion-diary.blogspot.com

  12. Love your look as always, Andy!!! Maybe the reason I admire your outfits is that you don't plan to much!!! Getting dressed depending on your mood at least for me works better!!XOXONinahttp://trendsurvivor.com/

  13. I love creating outfits in my head and then bringing them to life although, sometimes they don't always turn out as you image but I think you nailed it with this one. Everything just works so well together :)Kisses from L..A!Lizette

  14. I like your loafers and necklace a lot!! This is a great grey/black/ metallic look :)http://lartoffashion.blogspot.com

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