Blazer: ASOS / Pants: ASOS / Sweater: Stylein / Shoes: Werelse for Mango / Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim / Watch: Timex / Necklace: H&M

Not your everyday looking suit, I agree but gosh is it fun to wear or what? You should’ve seen the stares I got, I recommend you trying it :P

Estoy de acuerdo que no es el típico traje de diario pero que divertido es usarlo. Deberían de haber visto como se me quedaba viendo la gente, como si trajera puesto un traje de payaso o algo parecido, ¡Como me diverti! y como siempre lo he dicho; Si te gusta, ¡pontelo! Que importa lo que opinen los demás ;)

231 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “THE UNUSUAL”

  1. I fell in love !! Those DYE pants and the blazer Omg amazing!!! God for your baby !! Congrats !! …And If the people talk let them talk haha!!

  2. This is amazing on so many different levels. It's super fun and you got all those stares becuase everyone wants a suit just like these. Another one of your perfect combos :)Cymonexo

  3. This is maybe the best outfit you have posted this year, modern, intellectual, chic. I read your new tv show aired today, I tried to find it on youtube but only appears one interview, hope you or someone could upload it so we all can enjoy it. Besos y éxito!G.F MARTIhttp://lhedonista.blogspot.com

  4. When you showed us this jacket & trousers before, I wasn't a big fan of it. But you look really amazing in it!xo Igawww.fashion-passion-love.blogspot.com

  5. Eso digo yo! Si te gusta pontelo, a mi tambien la gente se queda mirando de vez en cuando jiji :D. Bueno en todo caso es un pantalon muy bonito !!!!!!!!!!

  6. you look adorable! Not everyone can wear this look, but you look very good in this outfit:)))http://fashiiones.blogspot.com/

  7. don`t care the others :) you look beautiful and original, nothing ordinary and that is what i love about your style

  8. I wouldn't wear it just beacause of the yellow, I don't like yellow on me D: But it fits you perfectly!And if I found something like that on other colour I would fall in love!**

  9. This look is awesome. I wish you had a side view of the heels, looks like they have neon on them too! Love. And if you're getting stares, that means you're doing something right to turn some heads :) xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  10. I posted that suit a couple of posts ago because I fell in love with it. It is different and that's what makes it beautiful. And you look gorgeous in it

  11. I L O V E it Andy!! that looks SO fab!!it's fantastic to wear clothes like that and make people curious about what you wear!!:-) that suit is perfect for you dear Andy – fun and cool!lovemodepistol

  12. Cute idea but the yellow is a bit of an unlucky color for white pants. Especially if it goes down from the hip. I have an idea why you got those stares for this outfit…;)

  13. amazing outfit! i love the way you have incorporated all those lime details! :) xxdreamingthesea.blogspot.com

  14. There must be a reason why you're not wearing the blazer in any of the pics:)…refereshing and fun nevertheless!

  15. Seen this suit on Alice point !!! loved it then and still loving it :) xhttp://betty-freestylescraps.blogspot.co.uk/

  16. OH MY GOSH!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE THIS OUTFIT!♥I looove those PANTS!! ANDY LOVE YOUR TASTE, THAT'S ALLLL I CAN SAY! :dI also love your heels, very cool :DInteresting sweater :), love your necklace as well :)I would have stared too! lol :D-Eliza

  17. I've seen a girl dressed in flowers – same print from top to shoes! And stared at her, too! But I would stare at you and totall admire your outfit! :) Sometimes you just have to give a da** about other people's opinion :)love,dominiquewww.artichaut.me

  18. your trousers is just perfection!!Love it!! The cut, the color, the material!! It looks so comfortable!Great look Andy, like all the time!!!! ;-)www.addict-to-twins.blogspot.com

  19. hahaha.undoubtly!despite the fact that you got a lot of stares its an amazing suit.i have seen it worn again and its just MAGNIFICENT!!

  20. Personally I think the outfit looks amazing! The trousers look so cool. Definitely a thumbs up! :)xoxoAndreaWonderful and Marvelous

  21. todo se te ve increíble andy, me encanta ver tu blog y saber que aparte de todo eres mexicana… que orgullo!!!! saludos desde el DF.

  22. very beautiful outift. i have no words. your style is incredible and its a pleasure can see pics like these…kissesfranshowroomdegarde.blogspot.com

  23. Great sweater and pants! I love how your shoes for Mango Touch go so well with this suit :)http://lartoffashion.blogspot.com

  24. ¿Cómo lo haces, Andy? SIEMPRE IMPECABLE Y PERFECTA. No hay otra blogger como tú, punto. Y lo mejor de todo: eres mexicana. Qué orgullo. Muchos besos y buena vibra!!

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