Jacket: ZARA / Jeans: J Brand / Shirt: ZARA / Shoes: Nike / Bag: Sabrina Tach via Boticca

We shot these photos 2 days ago when the weather was pretty descent in Holland, unfortunately from that day on, it has been pretty cold, as in no more than 11 degrees Celsius which is not normal for this time of the year, at least not in my books. On the other hand I am finally home and that makes me really happy so I will put up with this weird Spring weather if I have to and may I say, being off the high heels for a day felt so gooooood!

Tomamos estas fotos hace 2 días cuando de milagro salió el sol en Amsterdam, desgraciadamente desde ese día ha estado lloviendo y haciendo mucho frío, que no es para nada normal para esta época del año. Por otro lado, estoy tan feliz de estar de vuelta en mi casa que me aguantare estos días de lluvia y frío :)

148 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “SPORTING”

  1. Who says black is out of fashion and that leopard or cheetah is the new black? Black is the old and the new, always perennial!Norahttp://notenora.blogspot.com

  2. Cool outfit! Love the neon details!! I know the wearher is horrible here! I heard it has been the coldest month of may since 40 years! I hope we'll get some nicer weather!XoxoHttp://www.lolitainthemix.blogspot.com

  3. One of the best Outfits ive seen in the last time on the web !!!You really look great in this!!I love those glasses and the nike shoes. But your pants are the best of this gorgeous combination !!xxComposition TwoDesign Blog

  4. Maybe the weather isn't good, but I think the place where you live is so beautiful. I wish go there soon!By the way, you look so perfect in this casual style, black and white with neon, I loved!

  5. I love this kind of jackets and I like the combination with sporty yellow pieces!Dariawww.cinnamon-star.blogspot.com

  6. I am really thinking about getting coloured NIKE sneakers, too! My boyfriend wears them even with a suit and they look so cool!Luckily the weater here in Germany is still warm, but it will get colder tomorrow :(love,dominiquewww.artichaut.me

  7. When I first read the title of the post I was caught by surprise but then I laughed. I wasn't expecting the "Sporting" part, because that's the name of a portuguese football team :DAnyway, I like they way you put things together, giving you that sporty chic look with soft shades and then a pop of color with the neon sneakers and the necklace. I really like it!

  8. Wauw really nice outfit! You know what I couldn't help but wonder: do you speak any Dutch since you live in the Netherlands?

  9. Really nice outfit! I like the yellow accents!So sad to hear that the weather is not nice there. We've been having around 30 degrees everyday these pas couple of weeks in Greece. You should come visit us again! hehe :)

  10. I love that necklace! And i've been looking for a pair of nike's recently I like how you made them look stylish!

  11. i really like the casualty of this look and the way its combined the sneakers with a formal outwear such as a blazer!!!and about the weather come to Greece.the temparature is 30 degrees.and its still May!

  12. It's good to jump into some casual shoes every once in a while… I love that you've still managed to keep this outfit on the dressier side! :o)x

  13. I love that bag, it`s so cute and the color is fun for summer! I would pair it with a bright or light outfit!

  14. When I see these pictures, I miss Amsterdam so badly :-( Wish I could spend a weekend over there in summer…

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