Jumper: ASOS / Bag: Alexander Wang / Jeans: H&M / Shoes: ZARA / Bracelet: Werelse for Mango

I said it on Twitter the other day and I will say it again; “Shopping in the men’s section can sometimes be genius!” … I was browsing the ASOS men section by chance the other day and I found this jumper. It literally took me less than a minute to buy it -eyes on the price my friends-, I knew I had to have it the very second I saw it!. So yeah, I wear men’s clothes, occasionally… 
Oh and did you notice?, I couldn’t help myself and I chopped my bangs short the other night. Its actually a strange phenomenon because once you have bangs, you cant resist to go back to them once they’ve grown. 

151 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “ONE OF THE BOYS”

  1. This jumper is just smashing. It is Asos, right? I gotta find it :). You've got me completely head over heels for it ;). Love the accessories on this outfit too… All in all – gorgeous.xxhttp://gita-oddsandends.blogspot.com/

  2. loving the top a lot!! such a great look dear ;)xx nathan.nicheP.S. check out my new post on the legendary DOVER STREET MARKET SALE! it's a big one :)http://style-niche.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/csm-to-dsm.html

  3. Great jumper! I have a couple of All Saints me's jumpers – i kept steeling my bf's (which were a little big on me) until he made me get my own in an xs! XOwww.cashmerekinetic.com

  4. you got legs for days girl, all those runway models got nothing on you :P I have to say I adore your sweater, its so true shopping in the mens section is pure genius, and i really love the masculine/feminine look, so comfy, cool and FABULOUS! hehe.Cymonexo

  5. love this, i wear my hubbys shirt n tshirts when i get sick of my own cloths from time to time hahastylememento.blogspot.com

  6. I like your bangs, looks really pretty!! And that men's jumper is awesome, I have to start searching on the men's section too! Have a great time in Barcelona ;)

  7. I get you :) Some clothes don't have to be specifically for men and they look really good on women. I wore men's clothes before and it felt comfy yet feminine :) I'm liking this jumper, maybe I'll end up buying it too! It looks really good on you :)

  8. Sometimes I wished I was a boy, just because sometimes their clothes are cooler than girls. At least it felt like that some years ago back in Portugal. I couldn't find anything interesting in the girl section, but the boys… pppfffff cool as evAR!

  9. cool!xxxhttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.it/2012/05/hello-dubai.htmlhttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.it/2012/05/hello-dubai.htmlhttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.it/2012/05/hello-dubai.html

  10. I love your blog :) you seem always so happy and I'm sure you are that kind also in real life!Www.thestylebites.com

  11. You look really great here, casual but chic :) The bangs look nice though I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't told us hehe

  12. Loove the sweater! Looks really comfy and warm :) I love the print too, and looove your jeans, so nice fit on you, and love the bag and shoes .:)I love trying on some mens clothes. :D it's fun.-Eliza

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