90 thoughts on “TRIPS “BACK TO BUENOS AIRES”

  1. Hola Andy! soy de buenos aires, capital federal, tengo una marca de accesorios y seria un honor regalarte algunos!! como hago para alcanzartelos?? besos!!

  2. wow your soo lucky your whenever i see your posts your always in a different country soo lucky ♥http://evictedbyfashion.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. oh, have a save flight!: )i believe that it´s gonna be super weird to get back to the normal life, but you can be sooo happy that this happened to you (actually it´s still happening) so enjoy it as much as you can!: )lot of love from Slovakia ♥

  4. what an amazing post girltotally following youu!!:Dplease visit my blog and follow me back if you like it!xoxo Teohope to hear from you soon:Dhttp://countryoffashion.blogspot.com

  5. Nice to know! Gosh Andy I would love to meet you! I'm besides from fashion designer an accesories designer and I want you to show my latest necklace design, wanna gift you one. How can I do? Here I leave my email in case you wanna answer this message. xoxoMary! [email protected]

  6. So lucky, i'd love to travel like you do!I saw this post and had to scroll through so many more.You're blog is such an inspiration to me.You might just have yourself a new follower :)Can't wait to see more from you, can't believe I haven't found your blog earlier!KendraStoleninspiration.comxx

  7. What an amazing journey. I always find it so sad when long trips come to an end and I head back to reality. That adjustment always feels so surreal. :) Ewahttp://ewalooksattheworld.blogspot.com/

  8. Habrá algun otro eventos como el que hicieron el día de la mujer Andy ?? Me encantaría poder conocerte pero estoy recién llegada a Buenos Aires desde Venezuela mi país natal y no tuve oportunidad la primera vez que Cosmo organizo la actividad con las Bloggers y contigo.Espero escuchar de algo por alguna vía !!Saludos y miles de éxitos !!Remhttp://fromthelittlevenice.blogspot.com.ar/

  9. BUENOS AIRES IS MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN ARGENTINA!have some yummy steak and find some good threads :) theworldoflanks.blogspot.com

  10. Ay siii que alegría, volves!! :D Espero que te hagas el tattoo, no me puedo imaginar dos meses lejos de mis cosas, y mi casa, debes querer volver ya! Besos Andy :)

  11. This must have been an amazing experience but I can also imagine that it will be nice to be back home :)http://fashion-gourmet.blogspot.com/

  12. Andy you are the most awesomest fashion blogger. You are truly inspirational!!!! You teach me to live my dreams and follow my passions every day you post. xx

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