I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo since, hmmm, well, a very long time, thing is; 1. I am terrified of needles and 2. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to get, all I knew is that I wanted it to be very small and discreet…Time has passed and I have been thinking about the idea of finally getting it, the thing is, I am always on and off about it, but it seems like this time it might finally happen for realz as they want to film that scene for the TV show, but if I do get it, I just hope it doesn’t hurt as much and I don’t end up tearing up on camera :s … Do you guys have any tattoos?

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  1. tattoo found great love and good support over the years, and now reading this article will again supports me on a different way.

  2. It doesn't hurt a thing !I am scared of needles to, and i always start cry when i know i need one, but if you just forget that are needles, it doenst hurt a thing !I have one on my ribs, but mine is huge :)

  3. Hola Andy!! Yo no tengo un tatoo. Igualmente no me gustan mucho, no me gusta la idea de pintarme la piel para siempre. Si me hiciera uno creo que tendría que tener un significado especial. No me gusta la idea de hacerte un tatoo simplemente porque sí, o porque está de moda. Pero también va con la personalidad de cada uno!!!! De los dos que mostraste me gustó màs el de la paloma…. me da la sensación de libertad. Me gustó el lugar donde lo tiene hecho!! Besos.

  4. Yes, I have three (at the moment!). The last one took a total of five and half hours from start to finish.Sure it hurts, but the pain is only short term. The most important thing is getting something that really means something to YOU! Because once it's there it's there forever!!Good Luck!xx

  5. Hmm..I'm kind of in the same situation as you for the longest time as well. The older I get, the more weary I get too. I wonder if I get old, the tattoo will look as cool?! And yes, I am afraid of needles as well. And I still stay at No.1 =)

  6. I got one when my mom died, it's a tribal of a mom hugging her daughter. I doubted so much, because of the needles, and yes it hurted. A bit. There are so many things that hurt a lot more! However, it depends on where you want your tattoo. But I never doubted about my tattoo ever since. I think it's beautiful and it reminds me of my mother, of course. So if the pain is the only thing that makes you doubt, just do it! It's absolutely worth it and the pain is only for a couple of minutes. Then you'll have something that you'll enjoy for the rest of your life :) go for it!

  7. I have just gotten my tattoo like 2 weeks ago. Like you I was always debating where and when and if i should really get it. Its a small petite tattoo that I got now on my ribcage, and I can tell you so much that I absolutely love it. No regrets. I dreaded the pain, the needle and the sounds (eek) before I went to the studio. And honestly if my friend wouldn't have booked the appointment for me I probably would've chickened out. But all my 'fears' well they proofed to be not necessary. I expected the worst and it was not bad at all. It was a little sore once it was done but that was it, and it only took like 15 min. I say go for it. If you are not gonna do it now and you really want one, then you'll probably never do it. You are beautiful either way =). xx

  8. tattoo are interested in getting a total of five tattoos removed. We would like to set up an appointment for a consultation as soon as possible and schedule allowable. Thanks.

  9. I don't have any tattoos, but somehow that surprises people who are just getting to know me…I used to be against it (for myself of course), because it's so permenant and I like to switch thing up everyonce in a while..but lately I've been wanting to tattoo a small flower that reminds me of my grandma. but still I am afraid of the pain and placement of the tattoo..keep us updated on how it goes

  10. Coincidence that you post this. I just got got my first tattoo this past wednesday and I think we've had the same dilemma. But now that I got it, I'm in love with it. It's very small and discrete. And to be honest, not many people notice it. I suggest to go for it!Good luck! <3

  11. Sweetie don't be scared! I have been on & off of tattoos since I was about 16 and now (26) I have finally gotten some. 3 actually, and in a very short period of time! (you know what they say, I you have one.. ) The first 2 I had done on the same day and were smaller ones, but last time I sat for 5 hours and yes it hurts, but than again it also doesnt.. It's the kind of pain that gives you a rush and not the unbearable one so you're good :) Can't wait to see what you've gotten and I really you hope you have an amazing experience!Lots of love, Daphne

  12. Hola Andy! Sigo tu blog y te sigo a ti desde hace un poco más de un año y la verdad es que no hay semana que no haya visitado tan siquiera una vez tu blog, te juro que me estaba apenas preguntando que si esque tu te gustaban los tatuajes porque yo tengo uno y pienso hacerme otro, me lo hise en la muñeca izquierda y la verdad es que si me dolió pero valió mucho la pena porque me encanto demasiado! Yo digo que si deberias de hacerte uno pero siempre piensa en que es algo para toda la vida y que cada vez que lo veas vas a recordar porqué te lo hiciste, piensa en algo que jamás de canses de eso y que cuando estes triste o decaida y lo veas te recuerde a algo que te haga sonreir. Sea lo que sea que te vayas a hacer, si es como lo que te acabo de decir, entonces es un excelente tatuaje. SALUDOS DESDE MÉXICO! (:

  13. I don't have one (yet) either, but have been wanting one for some time. A very sublte one though!I'm curious to see if you'll go through with it and if so, what tattoo you'll get :-)

  14. Yep yep, I have a tattoo, mine took two days, do not ask me why it is not even that big. Just relax your body and you'll be fine. The only thing I hated during getting one was the sound of the needle, other then that it is all fine ;)All<

  15. I haven't got any tattoos, but maybe in the future one small one. But for me counts that it has to have a meaning. Can't think of a meaning right now so no tattoo for me;).XxMarleenStyle Route

  16. I'm in the exact same position, I dont know whether to get one.. all my friends regret theres as its the same as fashion – it goes out so quickly!Have you thought about getting a white tattoo? They look like pretty scars!Love

  17. I've got 5! An Hanger behind the neck, a word on my wirst, a rewind-pause-play-stop-fastforward button on my finger, 5 swallow on my back and 50 daisies all over my right arm.I love them all and I can swear they did not hurt at all. At least you are going to feel a little bit of pain if you want to go over the tattoo after a few months, but is totally worth it!So.. DO IT! Loove! M.

  18. pain depends which part you want to get a tattoo for :) i got one at winter, on my ribs, that was the biggest pain i ever had :) tattooist said it doesnt ache that much on other parts of the body :) goodluck! xx

  19. Andy, get a small one, it hurts but it's pretty fast so it's not thaaat painful! But I warn you, it's pretty addictive! I have 4 tattoos and I am dying to get more!! xoxo

  20. Un tatuaje es demasiado naco y na va para nada con tu personalidad ni fisico. Para que quieres que te defina un simbolo? Eres muy bonita, mejor se diferente y NO te pongas un tatuaje.

  21. i've been reading your blog for about 3 years but never actually posted, whatever. the thing is, i like the infinity sign and i thing you would like it too. it means a lot of things and you can think of it as whatever you like, and as you know, everything depens on where the tatto is placed.btw, im from mexico (sinaloa) and im really proud of you for showcasting the great things that our country has! keep living on your dreams!

  22. Andy, yo tengo uno en la muñeca que dice Loce y si me dolio, pero aunque suene extraño fue un dolor rico, mi tatuaje no es muy grande y es negro, no se si tenga que ver eso, porque me han dicho que cuando te aplican diferentes colores duele mas. Pero suerte! creo que es algo que vale la pena :)

  23. Hi! For the last hours, I've been going through you blog, youtube-channels and interviews. And yeah, I love you! Your style is amazing, the clothes you're wearing is "to die for" and you inspire me so much! You seem like a really nice person too, I would love to meet you sometime. (come to Malmö, Sweden. If you haven't been there yet…). I read an interview with you, were it stood you're 1.80 m (am I right?). Anyways, I hope I am. I'm 14, 15 in a couple of days, and 1.78. To see you in really high heels inspires me more than you ever can think of. It makes me like my height more (I do like being this tall. But when I see you, and you're wearing heels. I love it.) (Does that even make sense to you? )Yeah, that's all I wanted to say. Sorry if I spelled something wrong, my first language isn't English. But I did my best. Thank you.

  24. Andy, duele dependiendo en que parte del cuerpo lo quieras. Pero si realmente lo deseas, podrás soportar un poquito, recuerda que todo esta en la mente. Eso es lo que me paso a mi, saludos Gery.

  25. Andy, I was exactly the same for many many years. I was also TERRIFIED of needles (I fainted when I got some extra piercings in my ears!) and wanted something small and discreet with a special meaning. In 2006 I finally found a something that I was sure I would always love and I went for it. It did not hurt nearly as much as I thought! It was more of a burning feeling than anything else. I do think the pain is very dependent on the spot you get it, I got it on the front, just below where underpants or a bikini hit, so it is barely visible even in a tiny bikini. I love it and have never regretted it. Few people know about it. I am getting my second tattoo soon :)

  26. Hola andy! Oye te recomiendo Lgo, el tatuaje que te pongas que signifique algo para ti :) algo que te haga recordar algo bueno o que te hizo crecer como persona, de esta forma no será un simple tatuaje, será parte de ti. :) Atte: Scarlett Granados admiradora tuya de tu ciudad! :)

  27. Mira, alguna vez te has depilado con una epilator o con laser? Pues es exactamente el mismo tipo dolor, osea duele, pero nada fuera de este mundo, ademas duele mas al principio que al final, al final la piel se adormece y cada vez sientes menos el dolor, yo solo tengo uno, en la cadera, encima del hueso ademas que duele mas, y acabe diciendole a mi tatuadora que no habia sido para tanto y eso que entre cagadita de miedo!

  28. Tengo varios, los amo!!!! la sensación es un poco incomoda pero nada mas. Just be sure to pick something you will like always…. y que el primero no sea en un lugar como las cortillas por que ahi si duele un poco mas… Saludos desde DF

  29. Hey Andy, I have 2 tattoos behind my ear and in the neck, and it doesn't hurt at all. If you're scared I suggest you start with an area that doesn't hurt. Most painful areas are where there's more skin and no bones, or areas directly on the bones. Try to pinch you where you wanna get your tattoo, you'll have an idea of the "pain" you'll feel. It's really not that painful, I almost like the sensation of the needle on my skin now, and I bet you will too! Don't be scared, I think the most annoying thing about tattoos is the noise of the needle and not the needle itself. Hope it helped, can't wait to see the result if you get it! You're great, your blog is such an inspiration for me, keep doing it until you're 80 year old please!

  30. I don't have tatoos but I do like it on others! And about the pain, you can buy narcotic creme at the pharmacy. It works for hours ;) Good luck deciding!

  31. I haven´t got one, although I think it´s beatyful. But the thing is, I don´t know, if I want to have it all the time…

  32. I am the same way. I am not sure if I want one because it freaks me out, I want it to be something that I will love forevergood luck

  33. I have one tattoo on the back of my neck. A lot of people and websites said that that's one of the most painful places… So I was very scared and I must say that I am also very terrified of needles! I faint, I hyperventilate… BUT, the tattoo came on the back of my neck so I never really 'saw' the needle. And it didn't hurt much AT ALL. Maybe it's sometimes a bit uncomfortable, especially when they paint over a bone or something, but it's doable. I didn't cry, and you get used to the feeling really quick. Compare it to a freshly sharpened pencil that scratches over your skin or light electric shocks. Nothing to cry about, and if I could do it, you too!

  34. Tattoos are something you really have to think a lot about. I got 2 for my 18th birthday, but I had been thinking about them and refining what I wanted for two years. If you're not sure what you want I wouldn't recommend getting a tattoo yet. Pick something that's meaningful or something you just love (I have my horoscope sign behind my ear, leo. I got it because I was obsessed with horoscopes growing up through high school and I'm obsessed with cats. Not necessarily meaningful, but it's still something I love.) Don't get anything to trendy (infinity signs…).As for filming it, if you really do know what you want and are completely set I would say go for it, but if they're pressuring you into it (even if it may not seem that way) don't risk your time, money, and body. Regan

  35. Of course it depends on where you're getting it and how big it's gonna be. But in general I'd say that it hurts way less than you think it will.I got 2 myself and with the first one I was feeling the same way you are, but when it was done I was like "Is that what all the fuss is about!?"Hope you post a picture when you've gotten it!//SufiSufi's World

  36. i have three tattoos and i want some more!i actually have one on my wrist and it´s not hurting at all :Dso i say do it andy!but if you have one you want more i can tell you ;)

  37. A friend of mine said it doesn't hurt at all. I don't have any tattoos but I would love to get one, but I'm not really sure :D

  38. no te preocupes!! no duele tanto como parece, y menos si es chico. termina antes de que te des cuenta, y ademas las agujas no se ven, asi que no te preocupes. yo tengo 8!! y dos de flores grandes y no fue tan terrible! espero que subas fotos de tu tatuaje!!

  39. I wasn't sure for a very long time what I would want to have tattooed on my body for the rest of my life… I finally made up my mind .. I know exactly what I want.. and I have an appointment with a very busy talented tattoo artist!!Can't wait!!!XOXONina

  40. hello!!this is my first time writing even if I have been a follower for yearzzz!! i do have two tattoos, one in my right shoulder blade (Egyptian symbol) and a recent one on my left rib cage (a quote). I would not consider that pain, its just very weird, but it definitely depends on where you´re having it done and if it has more details or if its really bold (going on and on the same spot can be a bit sore). as many other readers write, its very important that whatever you choose, its very meaningful to you!!! it will stay there forever! so dont rush into it!! in any case, wish you good luck if you want to go for it and cant wait to see the results!!! keep on working hard on the blog, i luuuuuuve it!!! xxx

  41. I guess you must go for it, might give a bit of tingling for a a minute or so after that mind just adapts to the feeling of pain, identifies it and welcomes as any new change…but looking at one every morning on your body just makes you feel more closer to yourself…great stress buster for sure…Sheena

  42. Hi Andy. Yes i do have a tattoo and I also have thought about it way too long!!! And now I`m everyday more and more in love with it. If you want it you`ll have to do this without thinking to much about it otherwise you won`t do it again….It hurts, but you`ll get over it :D so do it!! :)kisse

  43. got many, many ones:the bible passage of my christening-quote and a big crow with poppies on my left rib.a pinup on my left forearm.a matroshka on my right and the disc cover of Darkest Hour's "Deliver us" on my left son's name on my toes.and so on and so on.don't worry about the'll be proud after doing,mari

  44. I do have a tattoo on my rib cage. On "Miami Ink" I heard that getting your fist tattoo on rib cage is like two buckets full of sh*t. So as I said, I have Jimmy Hedricks's quote on my left side. It wasn't painful, maybe few times when the needle hit the bone, but I think there's no pain a woman couldn't bear. Now I'm hooked and I've already planned my next 5 or so. Good luck on picking one up.Love,D

  45. I have rahter a big one and I have to say that it really didn't hurt very muchone does rarely really feel when only a small one is donexxclaude//

  46. Same here I wanted a tattoo ages ago I was going to have the Chanel logo on my wrist, but then I thought maybe I can plan a goal in my life and make my own clothing line and that's I'm doing and till I get it and get my logo I will probs have a tattoo of my own clothing line logo :)

  47. Hi Andy! I just got mine too this year! I felt the same way at first but I really wanted one and as the new year came I made a resolution to do something extraordinary so I went for it. Believe us when we say it doesn't hurt much as it looks! I say go for it :D just make sure it's what you really want! Goodluck :)

  48. I have many tattoos and I also draw tattoos for people on paper and then they tattoo my sketches. but im definitely against filming this first experience for the tv… I believe this underestimates the whole experience which is unique (after the first tattoo you will see that the decision for the second,the third etc..will be muuuuch easier) and why do you want to waste it on television???? This is smth you share with a few people who can understand the excitement of yours. If you think the time has come because of a production proposition please re think it… Otherwise if you are ready…go ahead and keep in mind:-Don't let the artist decide on the size or the place on your body -You don't see the needle..its smth like an electric pen -Dont do any solarium or expose the new tattoo to the sun-treat it with care the first month- share it with those that you decideall the bestm./

  49. Yo estoy en la misma situación que tú, quiero un tatoo, me encantan, pero me dan pavor las agujas y no se exactamente que quiero hacerme, quiero que sea algo de lo que no me voy a cansar, algo pequeño, pero bueno, desde aqui te animo y ya nos contarás que tal ha sido tu experiencia =)

  50. Yo tengo un tatuaje bastante grande en un pie y si q me dolio… estuve casi una hora en el estudio haciendomelo, pero el dolor no es como para llorar ;) espero ver las fotos del resultado ^^

  51. Qué valiente! Qué tal te fue por Argentina ? me imagino que habrás rotos miles de corazones. =)http://hotcinnamon.blogspot.comxoxo

  52. i'd say go for it, life's too short, but if u're one of those people who often regrets and still not too decisive, DON'T get it because some say u'd grow to even HATE it.. i know u've heard this a million times but unless u're really sure where and what u want ur tattoo to be, don't get it as tattoo removal HURTS and scars ur skin… hope this helps babes ;)xx nathan.niche-FIND YOUR NICHE-

  53. Just like you on and off the idea. Not knowibg what exactly and afraid I might be sorry in a few years.. So still in doubt. However like it on others! Curious what you are gonna pick!XoxoHttp://

  54. i have 4 tattoos which 3 of them i got done between the ages of 16-19 ( i am 25 now) two of the tattoos i sort of regret, they weren't thought through, so all i can say is really choose something that is special and meaningful to you, not only now but also in ten years time. tattoos if done right are amazing way to express oneself! good luck! and keep up the amazing work with your blog!!

  55. well I am in the same situation =(xooxo

  56. I have one and it didn't really hurt, actually, it felt kinda good and tickled a bit :)But I was looking forward to the result and I wanted the tattoo so bad.I guess the attitude you have determines the pain.

  57. Hi Andy! I was the same as you for aggges! I was on and off about it and terrified of the pain… But then on my 26 path birthday after I had moved to Portugal I just decided, come in Vicki, just do it! So I finally had it done on my wrist, it's a swallow (like the pic above) but smaller. It's amazing, I'm so so in love with it and no regrets. It did sting a bit but was no where as painful as I thought it would be. Kinda like keys being scratched over your skin. And after awhile u get used to it and your skin kinda goes numb. Obviously it hurts in places where there is more bone like the ankle, ribs etc… But on the wrist there is more skin. Go for it…the pain won't last long and it's so worth it!! :) xxx

  58. i have one, it doesn't hurt, it just feels weird, so do it.. :) i wanted one all my life, and now i have, it was engagement tattoo, i got letter A, it stands for my boyfriend's first letter of name, and he got one for me too.. :))

  59. dont worry about it! i got my first and only tattoo about a month ago, on my ribs on the right side. the tattooist said that the ribs and feet would hurt the most. and it did hurt a bit, but it was the kind of pain that you are able to stand. i was so happy about getting it that i really didnt care. so you dont have to worry at all, you won't cry!

  60. I want a small heart shape on the side of my ribs. I've asked several people if it hurt as bad as they say. And they say it's more of an annoying tickle and rather uncomfortable than painful. ♥

  61. Yo me hice mi primer tatuaje en diciembre del año pasado y el dolor es perfectamente aguantable te lo aseguro. Anímate seguro que no te arrepientes ;)

  62. I have the same problem as you. I am not really sure about it so I wasn't able to get any yet. Maybe in the future something small. But I think that both of us can see it through. :)

  63. I have two of them – The Cat on my right ankle and a hieroglyph on the back of my neck, just below the hairline. what can I say – don't be afraid! waxing hurts much more! :)))LailaLadylike Notes

  64. Andy! Yo tengo uno en la barriga, me lo hice con solo 14 años y al principio dolió un poco pero del dolor la piel se duerme en seguida y no notas nada , lo que duele mas es si te tatúas alguna zona con hueso! No te arrepentirás de hacértelo, es para toda la vida así que un poco de dolor no pasa nada :)xx

  65. Always wanted one but never got the chance to get it. I want some inspiring quote on the same place as the second picture.I've heard that it isn't too painful though.

  66. i have this exact thing with a belly button piercing! i really want to get one, but i am such a chicken..:Di love your blog and watched your inspiration video and thought i would try having one as well. thank you for putting that idea in my head:)i hope you will follow me back, i would be so happy!:)!xxxxx

  67. I have the same filling , want a tattoo but don't know exactly.And I am afraid if I dislike this tattoo in 2 years what next ? So for now I am only thinking :)This is a good idea :)Ocean Wind

  68. Yes I have! And it's very addicted. I have too small ones now; a tiny little cross behind my ear and two little initials from my parents on my underarm. But I definitely want more! And I was also verrrry scared of the pain but at the end, it's SO worth it! And it didn't hurt but it also didn't felt nice or anything :P And if you going in Amsterdam you HAVE to go to Hanky Panky, they're definitely the best of Amsterdam!WITH LOVE,LINSEY / POSE-BLOG.COM

  69. That's very brave of you. I personally don't have one, but I think you should wait until you are absolutely sure that you want it and won't regret your decision in maybe a few years. But that's just my opinion :) I'm sure you will choose wisely!

  70. I don't have any yet, but I'll probably get one small too. I love tattos!xxx- Laura

  71. I have been on and off as well. I would love one but not sure about the place yet. Pretty sure about what to get. But still doubting myself. Good luck!! I'm curious of what and where you might get it!

  72. I have a tattoo on my right ribcage area (kind of like the girl the bird tattoo up above) of the Japanese proverb 七転び八起き which means fall down seven times, get up eight. I love it! I kind of went in there thinking it was going to hurt really bad, but it definitely wasn't as bad as I thought it would be – I'd say it stung more than anything (: I'd love to see what you get!xx Nicole

  73. I'm planning doind a tatto one day too :) But I think doing a tattoo because of the TV show is not a good idea. You must be sure that you want to have it because you know it's for the whole life ;) Think about it :)

  74. I know exactly what you feel, Andy :) It is the same with me, I want to get one, but there are so many ifs and buts…

  75. yes I do! I have a tattoo on the back of my neck that says "I ain't got a home, I'll Forever roam" which is a line from a Kings of leon song. In a couple of weeks i'm getting "Born This Way" on my inner arm and after that I'm getting "I hela mitt liv har jag hört en sång, en sång min mamma sjöng en gång" (my entire life I've heard a song, a song my mother sang once) which is a line from a a song of a swedish band named kent… yes, you can get addicted! ;)

  76. i have two. i was also terrified that it would hurt, but it depends on where u get it. on the arm it didn`t hurt at all and on the ribs i tought the tattoo artist is slaughtering me… it was all worth it in the end, it looks amazing!good luck if u deside to get it ;)

  77. Hi Andy.Hola wapa. que tal ?Hablando de tatuajes… no duele, yo al principio pense, que me doleria, pero que va, para nada.Me hice mi primer tatuaje uno chico, de un simbolo en japones, y la verdad ha quedado estupendo.Ya te digo si te haces uno, no te arrepentiras.Una cosa si debes tener claro, es que cuando te decidas hacerte un tatuaje da igual lo que sea, debes estar muy segura de hacertelo, porque eso va a ser para siempre, lo sabes, no ?Es un pequeño consejo de mi parte.Yo tengo 3 tatuajes y voy a por el 4. muy pronto vamos dentro de unos dias, y estoy muy contenta.Nomrmalmente suelo hacerme tatuajes algo que va relacionado con mi vida, porque para mi es importante que sea algo que signifique, y no en plan decorativo y ya esta, me entiendes?Bueno, espero que te hayas decido que vayas por el tatuaje… ^^Animo wapa.

  78. Hola Andy! Te sigo desde hace tiempo y adoro tu blog. Respecto lo del tatuaje, si es pequeñito lo vas a aguantar bien, yo me hice uno hace poco no muy grande (tardaron 15 minutos) y lo soporte, y eso que tengo panico a las agujas jeje.un besito maria

  79. I have one and I love it. Important is that you take something that reminds you of something important in your life. Even if your motive not in in trend anymore or too simple, or what so ever, you still will love it because it has a meaning for you…

  80. Todavía no!! Pero estoy esperando a que me den cita para ello jajajalo que siempre pienso es que quizas en un futuro me arrepienta de ello, pero lo más seguro es que, si no me lo hago, me arrepentiré de no habermelo hecho!Tengo pensado desde hace mucho tatuarme 'seize the day' en el canto del pie y una flecha pequeñita en el canto de la muñeca. A lo mejor para ti no tienen sinificado pero para mi si, y eso es lo genial de los tatuajes, que deben ser tuyos y especiales!Muchos besos andy!

  81. Such a great idea.. and trust me, as soon as the first one is done you will want more ;)I have one on my back, between my shoulders on my spine. it did actually hurt the most to get the shades into it… on the bones ;)But it was so worth it… and since the second it was done I thought about another one… I was thinkin' do this while I am in NYC in october ;)DO IT!

  82. Love these!I have two tattoos : one on the wrist, the other on the arm.Like you I'm afraid needles and for my first tattoo i was freaking myself out, but finally it did not hurt that much. It is not a really pleasant moment, but I'm sure you will not cry!

  83. No….n same as u I have been on& off about getting it…I also don't like big in your face kinda tattoos….even if I get it done someday I would also want it to be small & discreet! Xx

  84. I have the exact same problems! But the greater one is really that I don't know what I want to get tattooed. Especially since they're permanent!

  85. Hey lovely, dnt be too scared… I got one a few years ago on top of my foot. I was petrified for the same reasons as you but it all went v smoothly, i wasnt in pain, it was v quick! Just make sure to pick a v hot tatoo artist! ;)

  86. I didn't cry but it hurt a lot. Also say mine is quite big so it took almost one painful hour…BTW, you don't even feel it is a needle, just something really disgusting :)

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