142 thoughts on “NEW IN “LEMON LIME”

  1. indeed it's a very very pretty bag!!i too am in love with yellow, all shades of it actually. it's a good color to compliment and clash with or even HIGHLIGHT an outfit, i think thats y im loving it, and obviously so are u!! bravo for choosing this great design bag and color too! ;)xx nathan.niche-FIND YOUR NICHE-http://style-niche.blogspot.com

  2. I just discovered your blog after watching your TED video of how to become a successful blogger. I would like to thank you for you inspiration, and the quote you said at the end is so true. I have just started a blog a few weeks ago with two girls from Madrid after realizing that our finance jobs had nothing to do with our passions. Even if it does not turn into something big, we are just so happy that we are doing something we love. Anywaym I will be sure to check back to see your looks!http://www.themirroronthewall.com/

  3. Hi Andy!! I`m Paula from Argentina… finally I can write you from Bloglovin!! I want to tell you that last night I saw the advert on Cosmo of your tv show!!!! CLICK!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  4. Me desuscribo de tu pagina, me encanta lo que hacés, pero me jode mucho mas que hayas dejado de postear tambien en español. Suerte.

  5. Hola Andy!! Me encanta tu blog, lo miro todo el tiempo y es muy inspirador. Me encanta tu estilo y además me siento más identificada porque eres latinoamericana igual que yo :D Muchos cariños desde Chile

  6. Oh, Andy ¡qué gorgeoso y amazinoso que es! ja, ja, ja, es broma. Lo cierto es que yo también estoy obsesionada con el lima limón (parece el sabor de un refresco). Consejo: debes cortar los hilitos que sobresalen de las costuras. No soporto los hilitos en la ropa o los accesorios. Yo utilizo unas tijeras de peluquería que son las que mejor cortan y lo dejan perfecto.Besos, Mª José.

  7. Enjoy it Andy!!! I am obsessed with yellow too this season and i was hating yellow for years… :) Strange..XOXONinahttp://trendsurvivor.com/http://trendsurvivor.blogspot.com/

  8. how cute is this bag?? :D it really reminds me of those black leather Alexander Wang tie-ups. they are so practical! and this one's in yellow. literally, you can fit so many things in bags like these whilst looking so cute and stylish without an overly big bag by your side. smart, smart idea indeedXxStyle Hostess Pinterest

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