April 2, 2012 in Uncategorized by Andy

The past month has been a very surreal experience. I have been kind of absent text wise on the blog and its because I have been working on the TV series almost non stop since I arrived to Buenos Aires at the end of February, so the only time I have to post is very late at night after filming or very early in the morning before filming and in those moments, my brain can only think of ZzzZzzzZzleeping. I have been trying my best to keep the content flowing as usual so bare with me, the Spanish translations will come back for sure!

April has surprised me and I cant believe time has gone by so quickly, only 25 more days of filming and then, I get to go back home and live my “normal” blogger life again, but until that happens, I am using my only day off this week to —Drum roll please— go to Six Flags today!!! 😀

Pants: ZARA / Shirt: ACNE / Shoes: ZARA / Necklace: MANGO / Bag: Phillip Lim