186 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “DOUBLE DYE”

  1. That's a great outfit! But I tried those pants and they don't look good on me… :/ Anyway, you rock girl! :-)www.dorapanariti.com

  2. Perdón pero tengo que decirlo. Por lo general, te ves muy elegante pero este look me hace daño a los ojos. No creo que esas prendas fueron hechas para usarse juntas…

  3. That is too funny that someone asked you if this was an accident. You know, looking at this separately I might have assumed this would be too much hombre action but it honestly looks awesome paired together. We are crazy about this look, the necklace is a really nice accent.

  4. Love these degradè clothes!!Maybe I'll not wear them toghether…but, nevermind, you look great!G.vitaminagblog.blogspot.comvitaminag.tumblr.com

  5. I don't usually like tie dye items, but these actually look great together! They bring some symmetry into the outfit which I like! :)

  6. You look gorgeous, dear!I hope you enjoy a beautiful Easter weekend with your nearest and dearest!Big hugs!Inés SimplyClassyMe.blogspot.com

  7. It's so great you dare wear outfits that you like no matter what anyone thinks! The outfit's great, I would never think off wearing that shirt and jeans together, but you really rock this look!

  8. I adore this outfit, some less daring would have worn of the items and paired it with something more demure. Not you! I love that.xo Joana

  9. Me hubiera gusta más si la parte oscura de la camisa quedara abajo, uniéndose con el pantalón. De todas maneras queda chulo :)xxx- Laurahttp://ucouldbemysomeone.blogspot.com

  10. can you maybe start telling us where you got all your rings? I'm sure a lot of us are wondering where you got it. Please,rings are also important in an outfit photos. Please include where you got it.

  11. waow… i love this looks.. looks so gorgeous.. i just made the DIY like this shirt, and just planned to make the DIY for the jeans.. nice.. i love it <3

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