I am super happy that this is the week where I finally get to go back home and to celebrate that I have partnered with Getwear and Fashiolista on a giveaway which is special for 2 reasons; 1. Because its the first giveaway I do where we can get creative and put our DIY skills to the test -and you know how I love to DIY- and 2. Because the winner will get to design 5 of her (his) perfect pair of jeans and of course, getwear will deliver them at your doorstep so you can tell all your friends; Oh yes, I designed this sista! … So what do you have to do? Simple:

1.Go to Getwear and design what you think would be MY perfect pair of jeans.

2. When you finish designing the perfect pair of jeans click Share and Sell , then log in with Facebook and you will be able to click on the fashiolista button ➙   
and tag it as StyleScrapbook for GetWear
3. Your perfect jeans will be directed from the Getwear website to the Fashiolista contest page HERE.

4. You have from today until the 20th of May 2012 to design the perfect jeans.

5.The contest is open internationally.

The winner gets to design and receive 5 pairs of your perfect jeans -Skinnies, flares, boyfriend jeans, bell bottoms and anything else your heart desires, you can have 5! ;)-

Good luck and I cant wait to see all of your creations! :D

49 thoughts on “GETWEAR GIVEAWAY

  1. I am so excited!! It's almost impossible for me to find jeans that fit because my legs are about 100 cm (inside leg) and they sell inseam 36! this is amazing! if I won't win, It will suck but then I will absolutely buy a custom jeans !! fingers crossed (A)Nikki van Dusschoten

  2. Andy do we have to put in your exact waistline when we design YOUR jeans for you?if yes, what is it?or are they just gona customize it when they see you're tagged for it?let me know please.thanks <3

  3. I'm trying to customize my jeans but then I can't save it on Fashiolista :S When I click on the "heart" icon, it's not showing me any image and no image, no saving.

  4. this is perfect Andy!!ps: I'm so happy for you Andy that you now get to go home and also excited for your tv series. Pls do upload videos of it :)czarina♥paint it stripesNew Outfit post is up, Hope you can check it out :)Kisses from the South East Asia, Philippines :)

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