There comes a time in a girls life when you feel like you cant deal with your hairdo anymore and decide to get a fresh new look. I am such a coward when it comes to making drastic changes to my hair, mainly because I love the idea of long hair so cutting it is out of the question and because I like my natural hair color as it is.
Few months ago I caved into the “Ombre Hair” trend but as I imagined, I ended up regretting it so as soon as we finished filming the very last scene of the tv series, I was driven by one of the producers to the MALA hair salon to get my new, or more like old look back.

I was helped by a group of like 4 people who dyed my ends back to its original color, treated my hair from 2 months of hair styling abuse, cut it and styled it…Here are some photos from the before and the “while they did it”. I will post some pics of the end result on my next look of the day, which will be soon, soon but its nothing drastic, I just wanted to get my old color back, oh, and my bangs! ;)

HUGE thanks to everyone at MALA for making my experience 100% scary free -I am normally terrified of getting my hair done-

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  1. I actually wanted to get Ombre Hair too, but last time when I was at my hairdresser, he told me that I shouldn't do it because he thinks it would look odd. Now I am so glad I kept my hair color like it was, naturally. Curious how your hair will look like!

  2. Dear i was reading your words and it was like if i'm talking myself, i never picture myself without my long hair and my natural hair color, because i love it just the way they are. One day i did ombré too, and i didn't take it too long too get back to my natural color. And i love your hair, it's beautiful *.* and you look beautiful like you are, you don't need to surprise with a tomboy cut as i read it before ;)

  3. I have never had any trouble being experimental with the colour but as for having it cut, that is what I find terribly traumatic. It does stem back to childhood when my Mum took me to the hairdressers to have my lovely long hair cut into a bob. I've never quite forgiven her for that! Yours is looking lovely though but I don't think you should fear trying out something new!

  4. The same thing happened to me, except the stylist I want to was horrible and ruined my hair! So I had to go fix it with someone else. Now my hair is super short and damaged. Everyone please, know your stylist before you let them do a drastic change. Im going to be waiting years for my hair to be what it once was.. =[

  5. Andy! se que temés muchísimo teñirte el pelo, pero pienso q te ayudaría a tener más volumen, porque el pelo se vuelve más grueso.. y también creo que te favorecería un castaño un poquito más oscuro que el tuyo, resaltaría más tu rostro.Solo una opinión! un besote

  6. nothing like getting pampered and taken care of for a little while.i love the whole experience of going to the hair dressers! :) love it when they wash my hair… i get so relaxed that tend to fall asleep! hahaXO Janninehttp://fashionistArg.blogspot.com

  7. Don't be a coward,Andy,life is too shorts not to take risk!I was a coward too,until last week when I cut my loooong hair into a really short hairstyle!I didn't regret a second!It's a hair,it'll grow!;)xxB.

  8. Se a lo que te refieres! Yo tenia el pelo largo lleno e rulos rojizos y lo amaba por que podía jugar con el pero jamas podía cambiar! era siempre el mismo look así q me dio un arranque fui a la peluquería y lo corte en un bob angulado a asimétrico.. ahora lo tengo que planchar todos los días para que se vea decente haha! que bueno que hayas regresado a tu pelo es lindo!

  9. I too love long natural hair! Isn't that the way God made us?I use to have pixie short hair and now my hair is even long than yours! When I was in the growing out stages, I use to have nightmares, literally about getting my haircut!!! Years later it still stressed me out!xoxo

  10. I understand your fears because I'm exactly the same. I'm afraid to do drastic changes to my hair, even though I would love to see a different look on me. And every time I change something, I usually regret it and want my "old hair" back. :)

  11. Going to cut mine next week, just a little bit, but always get terrified too :/ hahahttp://callme-jo.blogspot.com

  12. very cool dear!mucho guapa ;)having long hair gives u more options, so keep it babes heheeexx nathan.niche-FIND YOUR NICHE-http://style-niche.blogspot.com

  13. ive dyed my hair so many times, and even though i still havent achieved my ideal color, im so sick of having to redye my roots and stuff, i wish i could turn back time and not have dyed my hair in the first place lol cant wait for your next update :Dxx

  14. haha im also alwayyyys scared! just cut my hair and kind of regret it but my ends needed it!www.moustachic.comwww.moustachic.comwww.moustachic.com

  15. I know what you mean! I'm very particular about who does my hair!!Can't wait to see the results :)http://www.intotheblonde.com/

  16. It isn't that much different, but the color looks nice and healthy. I like the ombre hair trend too, but I think it isn't really healthy for the hair.

  17. I am the same as you I am so reluctant to let anyone touch my hair but I am in need of some major layers :/ a ver si me animo! Kisses from L.A.Lizette

  18. Long hair is always beautiful ..But there are times when you want to change! ..)))I believe you'll be beauty as always! ..waiting for photo ..kisses

  19. honestly i have this kind of hair now but its not something very "much".my hairdresser managed to make them look like when they are after the summer,when they get a little blonde in the edges.so maybe it was the problem the way your hairdresser did them the first time and you didnt like them that much??because when you dye them extremely in the edges it doesnt look natural.

  20. Well, I'm just the same when it comes to my hairdo, every little change is followed by some huge regrets… :o) I guess it's just better to stick to our simple, "boring", long hair! ;o))x

  21. Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do :D I have been to my hairdresser couple of weeks ago and feel awesome ever since then :)http://lartoffashion.blogspot.com

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