April 20, 2012 in Uncategorized by Andy

I have been given the amazing opportunity of working on a television series and I have to say, I prefer it to a normal photo shoot, even when it takes 4 times longer. I prefer being in motion, its more interactive, you have a better chance to show your personality and it feels more natural to me…These photos are a “behind the scenes” of us filming the opening of the show. There will be a lot of “special effects” thats why they needed to film with a white background and if I get my hands on the footage, I will certainly share it with you guys!

This amazing experience is almost coming to an end, we finish filming the show next Wednesday and by Friday, I will be opening the door of my apartment in Amsterdam, sitting on my couch and sleeping on my bed after the longest 2 months traveling around and to be honest, I am super excited of going back!