Jacket: Marni fot H&M / Shirt: Uniqlo / Skirt: Asos / Shoes: Werelse for MANGO Touch / Bag: Proenza Schouler / Necklace: Marni for H&M

And voila! Here is my old but new hairdo, or more like my new but old hairdo which basically consists of getting my bangs back and that ombre covered and hoping it never comes back, although I have a feeling that it might after few washes, but at least not as light as it was before…I asked them at the hair salon to dye my ends the same shade as my hair but it seems like they dyed my whole hair a shade or 2 darker than it used to be, it even looks kind of red in certain light but I kinda like it! ;)

¡Y voilá! Aqui esta mi nuevo corte de cabello que basicamente consistió en cortarme el flequillo de vuelta y cubrirme las puntas deslavadas mejor conocidas como “ombre hair”, aunque tengo el presentimiento de que regresaran después de algunas lavadas, solo espero que no se vean tan claras como las traía antes…Cuando fui al salon les pedi que si me podían teñir las puntas del mismo tono de mi color natural pero parece que me tiñeron todo el cabello uno o dos tonos mas oscuro de lo que era, aveces dependiendo de la luz hasta se me ve rojizo y como que me gusta! ;)


Sweater: ZARA / Skirt: Lupe / Jacket: ZARA / Bag: Alexander Wang

I am back and words cannot express how happy it makes me to be back home, not to mention that I no longer have to choose from the clothes inside my suitcase, I have my entire closet to play with!!! :D …
I promised to show you my new hairdo on the next look of the day post but it was raining so much that I had to do a hair bun to avoid a frizz nightmare, forgive me for breaking my promise but this time, it was out of my hands ;)

Estoy de regreso y no puedo expresar lo feliz que me hace estar en mi casa de vuelta, sin mencionar que ya no tengo que escoger mis Looks del Día con lo que traía en 2 maletas, ahora puedo escoger de mi closet entero :D … Les había prometido enseñarles mi nuevo corte de pelo pero estuvo lloviendo muchísimo y me tuve que hacer un chongo para evitar un frizz de locura, en cuanto salga el sol les enseño ;)


There comes a time in a girls life when you feel like you cant deal with your hairdo anymore and decide to get a fresh new look. I am such a coward when it comes to making drastic changes to my hair, mainly because I love the idea of long hair so cutting it is out of the question and because I like my natural hair color as it is.
Few months ago I caved into the “Ombre Hair” trend but as I imagined, I ended up regretting it so as soon as we finished filming the very last scene of the tv series, I was driven by one of the producers to the MALA hair salon to get my new, or more like old look back.

I was helped by a group of like 4 people who dyed my ends back to its original color, treated my hair from 2 months of hair styling abuse, cut it and styled it…Here are some photos from the before and the “while they did it”. I will post some pics of the end result on my next look of the day, which will be soon, soon but its nothing drastic, I just wanted to get my old color back, oh, and my bangs! ;)

HUGE thanks to everyone at MALA for making my experience 100% scary free -I am normally terrified of getting my hair done-


I have been using instagram for about a year and a half with a private account and the reason is because I used it to edit photos for future posts and I didnt want to spoil the content of the blog in advance, thats why my account remained private, however, I have received a lot of feedback from you guys asking if I had an instagram account an the answer is yes so from today on, its no longer private and you can follow me if you like! You can find me as stylescrapbook