Remember the super duper amazing power shoulder jackets that Balmain brought out a gazillion seasons ago? Now, do you remember how the “the bigger and pointier the shoulders are, the better” trend became obsessive for pretty much the whole blogosphere? -myself included-. Well, let me introduce you to the boxy shaped jacket or what could also be described as “The new shape”. I love, no, let me rephrase it, I am completely and utterly obsessed with the shape of these jackets and I am pretty certain -and quite frankly hopeful- that most of our favorite high street brands will start replicating these and I will have to wait patiently until that happens…Now back to work, we still need to film the last scene of the day. 

Greetings from Argentina!

54 thoughts on “TRENDS “THE NEW SHAPE”

  1. I don't think this is going to be a massive trend, not in real life at least… I think this kind of vests only fits skinny people.I mean, people with "big" shape would look bigger, don't you think?

  2. true~ super bulky jackets are coming your way, everyone :Dit's certainly an uncommon thing to be seeing, but man..people would have trouble taking their gaze off a fabulous broad-shouldered jacket like Balmain's, especially in light pink and velvet <3crushing !!xxStyle Hostess

  3. all you have to do is go to the vintage stores there is a plethora of this shape you dont have to wait for the high street lol!!

  4. Thanks 4 your advice. I´ve recently found a jacket that was from my mom with that exact shape. I was just about to take away the shoulderpads. Seems I´d have to keep them!! Kisses from Argentina too!!!

  5. I hope that the affordable brands will be quick! wow this shape looks amazing! If I could choose one, I'd really like to have the right one, perhaps a zara/topshop/hm etc. designer is reading this?xxx Anita

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