YAY!!! The wait is FINALLY over and from TODAY you can get the StyleScrapbook for Kipling camera bag collection worldwide! …Please click HERE to find out the addresses where you can buy the collection in stores (This page has a list of all the store addresses and websites where you will find it). You can also order online from anywhere in the world via! (If the bags are not up on Yoox yet, check back a but later)  

YAY!!! Se termino la espera y a partir de HOY puedes comprar mi colección de bolsas para Kipling que están a la venta internacionalmente…Haz click AQUI para encontrar todas las direcciones de tiendas y paginas web en las que puedes encontrar la coleccion, pero si prefieres ordenar alguna de las bolsas por internet, lo puedes hacer directamente desde (Si las bolsas no están en yoox todavía, checa la pagina un poco mas tarde)


  1. So sad I can't find them here in the United States! I wanted to by the black and the white camera bag. I have been looking for a cool camera bag for two years now, and I was keeping my fingers crosses to get my hands of at least one from you collection. Bummer! Any tips?☮ Lisa

  2. has anyone been able to find them on yet?i've had my eye on one of these for ages, and unfortunately none of the kiplings in taipei are going to have these in stores.

  3. Dear Andy,Thank you for the announcement. Apparently, no news from Kipling eventhough i have signed up for their notification.. anyway, would like to know if this can fit a Nikon D2X? This camera i'm holding is huge and heavy but at the same time i want it to be stylishly carried around with no hassle fitting in to it.. do let me know. Thank you for your time..

  4. I absolutely love them and they are really great! I'm so bummed I can't get them in the USA though…. :(

  5. I love the bags, but I REALLY CAN'T find them ANYWERE? none of the webshops in europe at the list have got them!! not either! I'm a bit upset, cause I REALLY want one (the black) and now I'm mostly sad, bescause I can't find them and soon they sure will be sold out!!! So WERE CAN I FOUND THEM on the internet? I dont live in a city so I cant go to a store… I live in sweden so it's good if the webstore is in a country thats a part of EU… I dont wanna pay any toll… please help me, I've been saving all my money for this and now it seems hopeless to find one to me :(

  6. For my camera white please :)And for serious, it's too expensive for me :/ especially when i have to pay for it in euro, not in my currency. What a pity :(

  7. Yay! They look awesome. I love the white and black ones. I saw you wearing one at NYFW and I was hooked. xoxo

  8. Hi Andy,I met your photographer at the IFB Conference and he was carrying one of the bags… I asked him about it and he told me it was your design collaboration!!! Absolutely in love with the bags and I'm happy to see they are available! I will definitely be purchasing one!! Every gal should have a chic camera bag!Emijaa

  9. No matter what I do, no matter who I beg, they tell me they are not available in USA! No on the USA web, not in stores in USA! ANDY…WHY?????? I will just dream about one I guess. Congrats! They rule!

  10. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I'm really really happy & exiting of it!!! I'm keeping my eyes on computer today & finally buy them from the web:D but the red one is aleady OUT OF STOCK:( A black camera bag & a small size of red are on the way to mine, can't wait to wearing it!!!Love,Kila xoxo

  11. El diseño de las bolsas me encanta!Me gustaría uno para mi reflex lo buscare.Sigue disfrutando de la belleza Argentina en todos los sentidos.XoXo

  12. Really amazing! I finally got to order mine yesterday. It was a complicated thing but now I am happy knowing that one will soon arrive at my door step. YAY :D Thanks for the help on twitter Andy! lovesAnh

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