Ever since I arrived in Colombia I have been desperately seeking for one of their typical Wayuu bags or as the Colombians call them “Mochilas Wayuu”. They are all handmade and rumor has it, they are all different, so there is no bag alike, which makes them even more special. I was actually hoping to find one in neon colors but my search was a total fail so I decided to go for this black one with touches of color, which at the end of the day will be more easy to wear.

80 thoughts on “NEW IN “MOCHILAS WAYUU”

  1. WOW the bag looks amazing! And I love the mumford and sons song! Seen them live and they were absolutely

  2. Estando en bogotá son mas difíciles de conseguir porque los indígenas wayuus viven en la guajira en la península de Colombia, allá si las consigues como quieras! Igual me encanta esta!

  3. Andy no habia comentado antes en el blog pero te sigo hace raato!Que bueno que te lleves un pedacito de mi país para recordarlo, las mochilas son únicas al igual que las pulseritas tejidas, sabías que pueden durar haciendo una mochila hasta 1 mes?Espero que este viaje te deje muchas experiencias y alegríasun abrazo!

  4. Gorgeous bag!Totally suits your style. ♥ BY MARC JACOBS FRIENDSHIP BRACELET GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG!

  5. Fantásticas!!!! y un estilo muy navajo!Besitos, GAXX

  6. What a cool find! I traveled throughout Europe a few years ago & found a cross body bag with similar materials (so it seems) and it was all different shades of purple with fringe and amazing. Sounds kinda phony in type but it was beautiful. Love your pick of the black with pops of color ;) Happy Sunday!


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