I really don’t mind flashing my super pale legs around Buenos Aires, as long as its warm outside I will be going bare legged to make up for all those months in which I couldn’t go out the door without 5 layers on…Its monday again and according to the schedule, we will be filming 2 episodes from today until sunday so it will be an extremely hectic but fun week!

iPhone case: Marc by Marc JacobsSkirt: ZARA / Sweater: Monki / Boots: ACNE / Bracelet: Werelse for Mango Touch / Bag: Proenza Schouler

173 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “TIGER”

  1. Haha, Andy, how many iPhone cases do you own??? Anyways, nice look, I love the color of the skirt. Your hair looks good in a pony tail. I will certainly try to score that bracelet when it hits stores. ♥-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  2. oh Andy! espero ver pronto este gran proyección que estás llevando a cabo por Sur América! :) te lo mereces!xx

  3. I love the detail of the skirt.And your legs are gorgeous, even if they're pale ;)♥http://style-chameleon.blogspot.com

  4. love the mix of classy and sporty clothes! AWSOMEwww,lipsticksisters,wordpress.comwww.lipsticksisters.wordpress.comwww,lipsticksisters,wordpress.comwww.lipsticksisters.wordpress.comxxx Giorgia

  5. it's surprising how you manage to make that t-shirt look so different every time you wear it…like if it was a totally different t-shirt! this is a lesson of styling.curious about how you will rock it the next time ;D

  6. Such a cute skirt. I love the color and ruffle down the front. It's just starting to warm up here in southern California and I'm trying to get a tan too.xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  7. Hello Andy, I love the tiger but the color of the skirt also screams sun and fun times, you look great… I just read there was an erathquake in Argentina, I guess it was not in Buenos Aires but I hope you are good and everything is fine!! Keep having fun while following your dreams!

  8. Es normal tener las piernas blancas con el frío que ha hecho jeje, pero tú lo llevas de maravilla :)La falda es uan preciosidad!!! guapa guapa :)Un besazo desde CLU'S CORNERhttp://clucluscorner.blogspot.com/

  9. Loved this look and especially your skirt. You're not at all pale in my opinion, and you should get out bare-legged if you want to! I'm even paler, and I don't even care what people say when I'm bare-legged.

  10. It's funny being able to recognize the different locations of your posts in Buenos Aires!Enjoy the sun today, tomorrow and wednesday it's supposed to rain :(xoxhttp://www.petitekarinne.blogspot.com

  11. hmm..looks like my sister will really like Buenos Aires =) she really likes the whole concept of tanned skin I guess~ and Andy, that skirt is gorgeous <3 and of course, do you have a matching set of iPhone cover just for this look?? whoa ~btw, you have a very chic blog. I like the mini snippets of life being put into each post. that's why I come and read often I guess.wish you all the best in Palermo =)xxStyle Hostess

  12. Do you go through difficulties in shopping during winter as you need to wear so many layers? I find it challenging indeed when I was in Europe during my winter holiday in Jan.I like your this pairing and the turquoise color look so refreshing =)

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