I have been traveling away from home for 3 weeks already and Im starting to really crave my wardrobe back home. I’ve been recycling the only clothes I was allowed to travel with and I will have to keep doing that for the next month and a half so you might see things repetitively around here, that is until I get back to Amsterdam…I am having so many of those “Gosh, I wish I had brought that jacket with me” moments, only that its happening to me every single day with every single garment, but I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about. Anyway, I wanted to share with you these photos we shot at the sunset the other day and I have to say that sunsets in South America are beautiful! 

Shoes: Werelse for Mango Touch / Pants: ZARA

212 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “THE SUNSET”

  1. i love that tank! you look so relaxed! it is cold and rainy where i am – your photos have me wishing for spring! XOkirinwww.closetcast.com

  2. Are you saying that last part because you are kind of from there? LOL! Although I got to agree with you that it looks beautiful… You still look as great even when you are recycling your clothes =)

  3. Andyy!!, te estamos buscando para una entrevista para tv nacional en Colombia, ¿cómo hacemos para encontrarte?… hasta cuando te quedarás en Bogotá

  4. me encanta la capelina!! queda tan linda con esos tacos corridos!acabo de empezar un blog y estoy muy entusiasmada, seguro te gusta! kache – LTSwww.lethemstare.blogspot.com

  5. Oh Andy! I hear you loud and clear. I am so sick of the contents of my suitcase (not nearly as good as your's) only I had to share my luggage space with my baby. Love that hat! xxxwww.fashiondevotion.com

  6. I love how peaceful the water looks in your sunset photos. Can't wait to see how you mix and match the pieces you have. I really love today's look. Such a great tank, love the color of your denim and the thick straps on those heels are amazing.xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  7. Ese escote en la espalda es fantástico! Yo creo que estos días tus looks son geniales, te ves muy natural, no te preocupes por la cantidad de ropa que tienes, la combinas estupendamente!

  8. It will definitely help you to be even more creative with the items you do have with you :) Love this outfit ! really want to try these shoes once they are in storeswww.tripsandtreasures.netfashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  9. Hello Andy!!Great look! Love your t-shirt! jajjaYou are so nice! It was a pleasure to talk to you the other day in The Sheraton Hotel Buenos Aires.Good to know that you like the city!=)I´m following u!Kisses! Maiwww.maimoda-maimoda.blogspot.com

  10. Me encanta la camiseta por su originalidad y el corte en la espalda. De qué marca es? :)Queda genial con el color de pantalones!xxx- Laurahttp://ucouldbemysomeone.blogspot.com

  11. Que outfit mas chulo y de fondo el mar Argentino lo mejor.tus sandalias de la colección Mango touch son lo mejor.XoXohttp://annchic.blogspot.com.es/

  12. I thought I was the only one who feels under-packed every time! But travelling with very limited clothing is creativity comes out most I think… So can't wait to see you wearing same pieces in different way for inspiration!!! ~Love~

  13. I love that top and your shoes!!! Enjoy your time abroad, although you will be hugging all your garment when you're at home!!!! I recognize that!Love, Wienekehttp://fashioncranberry.blogspot.com

  14. Te entiendo perfectamente, yo misma aunque tenga el armario a rebosar de prendas siempre acabo diciendo "No tengo nada que ponerme". Lo mejor que puedes hacer es tomarlo como un reto, y encontrar nuevas combinaciones que quizá con más ropa disponible nunca habrías pensado. Puede ser interesante. Si no siempre puedes aprovechar un hueco en el rodaje para irte de compras jaja

  15. I absolutely love thos trousers. And the hat is truly amazing!! I always love hats, but I see rarely people wearing hats. XxMarleenwww.style-route.blogspot.com

  16. Andy!! where can I purchase those shoes you're wearing from mango? I've waited and watched the mango site almost a 100 times now and they don't have them. And I want the wedgy ones not the ones with the heel.xoxo

  17. Oh yes I know the feeling… imagine having the same clothes for like 6 to 9 months? How crazy would you go?That´s my case, I´m from Portugal, doing an internship in London, for 6 months, okei I been buying some stuff…. I can´t resist it´s normally cheap stuff as well :Dxoxo

  18. Even though you don't have all the clothes you wish there, you're still doing great! I think this look is perfect and that it's not lacking anything. The wedge sandals look fascinating!!xx

  19. You look fabulous!! I never made a cruise! It seems to be fabulous!!It is a good fashion exercice to travel for so long with only few clothes!! You make it well!Love from Monaco xxwww.addict-to-twins.blogspot.com

  20. Yeah I exactly know how u r feeling right now. I have the same moments when I am traveling away from home like, gosh ! I should have brought that dress or that shoes….lol..nonetheless u have one of those personality who doesn't look the same even with the same outfit. Kudos to ur styling I guess!www.more2mystylediary.blogspot.com

  21. Hey Andy! I want to ask you a question, it's making me go mad! I'd like you to answer, please!This favoloug wedges you're wearing! I'm looking for them everythwere, they are not in the site mango.comWhen did you buy them? Is it possible that they ended?Thank you !

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