March 20, 2012 in Uncategorized by Andy

I have moved on to Bogota in Colombia and I have to say, I am completely blown away with how beautiful it is!. We are only shooting 2 episodes for the series here so we are pretty much going against the clock before moving on to film 6 episodes in Mexico. I wish I had more time to discover the city so I will try to take advantage of the 6 days I have left.
I havent been around the whole city yet but one of my favorite spots so far is a neighborhood called “La Candelaria” which is the “old Bogota” and is full of amazingly beautiful and picturesque houses painted in different colors with cobble stone streets which reminds me SO MUCH to the little towns we have in Mexico, I was blown away…I havent been able to take any pictures yet because it has been raining a a lot since I arrived so I leave you with some photos I shot in Buenos Aires before leaving.

Shirt: H&M Trend / Shorts: American apparel / Shoes: ZARA / Earrings and camera: Bought in the San Telmo market in Buenos Aires