The weather is perfect, I am surrounded by an amazing production team and I am loving every second of this amazing experience so I couldn’t ask for more…Have an amazing weekend everyone!

El clima esta perfecto, estoy rodeada de un equipo de producción genial y disfrutando cada instante de esta nueva experiencia así que no podría pedir mas…Que tengan un hermoso fin de semana!

Necklace:Jung ee eun via Boticca / Coat: H&M Trend / Flare jeans: J Brand / Shoes: ALDO 

187 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “PALERMO”

  1. Me encanta esos Jeans pata de elefante son geniales y ese oufit se ve muy muy comodo, que envidia en Argentina con ese clima y muchos guaperas.Besoshttp://annchic.blogspot.com

  2. Amo los jeans! Por cierto, me muero de ganas por ver tus episodios de la serie, cuando estarán?? Felicidades por todas las cosas buenas que te están pasando! <3

  3. beautiful outfit! it's nice to know that you're having a good time in Buenos Aires! :)snowywintermornings.blogspot.com

  4. Love the print non-print jacket. Cute color too!It would be lovely to follow each other~Xoxowww.urbanfashionartist.blogspot.com

  5. qué linda!! me encanta verte sacando fotos en buenos aires. Palermo es sin duda una parte muy linda para visitar e ir de compras! si tenés tiempo, no dejes de hacerlo…besos!Jannuhttp://FashionistArg.blogspot.com

  6. Estas monisima guapa. Me encantan tus flare a la cintura, es difícil encontrar jeans de talle alto. Con este estilismo demuestras q los pantalones de campana tambien se pueden llevar con zapatos planos y estar estupena. Bss.

  7. The J Brand jeans fit perfectly, flares are tricky. Love your flat loafers but I'm fed up seeing this Zara jacket on every fashion blogger, sorry, but you made it nicely with flares.www.entrefashion.com

  8. You must be really tall to be able to wear flats and still make the jeans look so long! I like your jacket and jeans! Have a good weekend yourself..

  9. 2 hours ago i was in h&m and i looked at this coat and i like it verry much and i wondered "buy it or not". now i know i should bought it. :)malamajka.blogspot.com

  10. Hi Andy. Love this outfit, it's fresh and has a spring-summer feel to it. However, I found myself wishing that you would do something different to/with your hair. You mostly wear it down and I'm sorry to say, but it doesn't suit your face as well as if you'd wear it up. I know that you love wearing it down, but truly, you should have some fun with it, do something. Mostly I think it looks boring. The same haircut and style everyday.Hope you don't take this wrong because I follow your blog everyday and absolutely love it. It's just that you're such a pretty girl and you should play around some more with the long hair of yours :-)x

  11. I love Palermo! I went to Argentina for new years last year and it was incredible! I highly recommend Punta del Este in Uruguay as well!! kisses!The Accessory Editorwww.theaccessoryeditor.com

  12. And we're loving to see the all the pictures as it happens!! much luck for this new project! ♥www.callme-jo.blogspot.com

  13. You are so lucky to be in Buenos Aires.. Love the city so much!! Palermo is my favorite neighborhood . Enjoy it as much as you can for me ! PS: this jacket is to die for .. I love it!

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