March 11, 2012 in Uncategorized by Andy

You might have read on my twitter yesterday that I am on top of a cruise on my way to Punta del Este Uruguay right now.  Its also a part of the TV show I am shooting so my time is completely booked between filming scenes and trying to catch a glimpse of sun, not to mention that the internet on board is the slowest internet connection known to mankind -big reason why there wasn’t a post up yesterday-.
We shot these pics with the orange wall 2 days ago while we waited to board the cruise and I loved the result! The outfit was supposed to be a casual look for the scene of me boarding the cruise but I love how the wall turned out to be the same shade as my shirt and it looks as if I was a chameleon trying to hide against the wall…I gotta rush because they are coming to my room for a wardrobe change in like 5 minutes, laterz!

Jeans: Monki / Bracelet: Michael Kors / Watch: Michael kors