Before I left to Argentina, I shot this super duper quick video to show you my latest DIY. I have wanted a tassel necklace for a few weeks and making it took me literally less than a minute. I hope you like it!

Antes de irme a Argentina, grabe un video rapidísimo para enseñarles mi mas reciente projecto de “Hazlo tu misma”. Ya llevaba semanas queriendo un collar así y lo mejor del caso es que me tarte literalmente 1 minuto haciendolo. ¡Espero que les guste!


  1. Definitely it is super easy and super cute. I really like it :) I think i'm gonna try to do it myself.Now…can I ask for your help? Here's the thing…I'm looking for a pair of black shoes and I found these two at but now I can't decide which one to choose so I posted them on my blog and on Facebook so that people can help me choose. Would you mind to give me your opinion? I'm not asking for you to follow me or anything like that (but feel free to do it if you want to), just your opinion on the shoes.Thanks *

  2. when I read your blog I feel like im spinning into a whirlwind of washed away dreams glitter dust flowers lost fairies and complete magical atmosphere it brings me into a calm wave I love your posts keep it up X Mercury Moonshine Dutchess

  3. incredible how easy it is!! :) and it looks so good on you… it looked weird when you holded it in your hands, but in the moment you put it around your neck, it turned into very nice and fashionable necklace! :D

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