Chelsea Market is undoubtedly one of my favorite places in Manhattan. I hope you enjoy the small tour :)
P.S- For those who might wonder about the music on the video, its by one of my favorite bands, Kings of Convenience and the song is called “I’d rather dance with you”.

Chelsea Market es sin duda alguna uno de mis lugares favoritos en Manhattan. Espero que les guste el mini tour :)

86 thoughts on “VIDEO “CHELSEA MARKET”

  1. Love this tour, the chelsea Market looks amazing. I really really apprciate the close up of the cupcakes, I found myself spontaniously gaping at them.

  2. Thank you so much for taking us on a tour with you! :) I really liked the Chelsea Market. Wish I could visit NY soon. Those cookies and cupcakes from Eleni's bakery looked delicious!

  3. qué lindo paseo!estuve 2 veces en manhattan pero nunca fui ahí… la próxima seguro lo incluyo en mi to do list!XO jannine

  4. Love the video, I've never been to Chelsea Market so I need to go there when I visit NY! http://fatal-fashion.blogspot.comPlease help me win a contest by logging into your facebook account and visiting “LIKE” the page then under the profile picture click on the tab that says Interview Style 101. Scroll down until you see my name (Aya) and my picture then click VOTE! I would greatly appreciate your help! Thanks so much! XOXO

  5. you have the most awesome fur ;) and it looks nice in there…the candy shop looked really great, all those pink sweets looked like they were from a fairytale, or made of plastic or what :D incredibly colorful and sweet ;) :D :)

  6. Interesting! It looks like the places it's hardly to find in Europe! Just put it in my "where to go" list when I visit NYC(not soon, but some day I will!). :)

  7. Like the music. What a great tour, really like it ;) Jummyyyy, lots of delicious food!! Awesome idea to show this in a little video. Love the white jacket you wear!!

  8. love your blog!!i'm from mexico too and I love the way you mix your clothes ;)http://www.allthat6litters.blogspot.comI'd appreciate if you could tell me what do you think about minexoxo

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