Have you ever found yourself saying; “I will buy these shoes only because they are an investment!. I could wear them all the time, in fact I already have a list of 30 outfits they would go perfectly with”. Well, this is pretty much the story of my life, although I have to say that there are few pairs that do deserve to be called a “shoe investment”, like those black stilettos that you can wear with absolutely everything, or those black boots which are perfect for summer AND winter and that no matter how many NYC blocks you walk -up and down-, you find that your feet are still intact and no pain in sight.
Well, I must admit, I still haven’t found a good pair of black stilettos but today, as I was walking out of a meeting, I bumped into an Opening Ceremony store, saw these pair of Alexander Wang boots and found my “investment boot”…They are not the stereotipical pretty black boots, but how Rock n’ Roll are they? I think what really captivated me was the metal detail of the heel, they are just SO COOL and I am already thinking of one million ways to style them and I swear its not just an excuse to justify my purchase :P

155 thoughts on ““THE INVESTMENT SHOE”

  1. Omg!!!!!Those are very amazing boots!!!!!I barely wear plats but I would totally dig them like you do!!!!!Super nice "investment" shoes!!!!XoxoAikAwww.facebook.com/aikasloveclosetwww.aikaslovecloset.blogspot.com

  2. Good for you Andy! Great job in finding a worthwhile investment. Yes, I can totally understand what you meant when you found something worth investing in. This usually happen to me with jeans and bags =)

  3. The heels are so sophisticated Andy !! especially with the metal plating. this is truly something your feet can "invest" on and be rather "comfy" in it :D Opening Ceremony really has the goodies !! <3hope NYC is full of thrills~Style Hostess

  4. Wow! They're beyond cool, imho that's enough of an excuse to justify your purchase.. can't wait to see how you're gonna style them!xxhttp://suededreamsinc.blogspot.com

  5. Genial tu nueva adquisición! Hacía justo unos días que había visto estas botas por internet, pero no me imaginé que te las comprarías, ya que siempre te has proclamado más fan de los tacones altos :O Desde luego son una buena inversión y tus pies te agradecerán un descanso entre tacón y tacón :) Ya tengo ganas de ver tus próximos outfits con las botas. Estoy enganchada a tu blog! Gracias por darme inspiración :)Have a nice weekend in NYC!

  6. I love these boots, the heel and the style is just perfect. I think I like the regular shoes (with cut out heel) even more. Alexander always has such cool, rock 'nd roll and laid back items. Wether it's shoes or clothing or bags. Good investment, Andy. ♥-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  7. Those boots definitely look comfy, and you can def rock them during any season. What's a + is not feeling any pain when walking up those long NYC blocks. (I can attest to walking along those long blocks.)I've never been to Open Ceremony, but always wanted to go. I'll need to make a trip there when I'm in the city next time which will hopefully be soon! (I live 1hour away from NYC.)xo Anniehttp://inspiredbythesethoughts.blogspot.com

  8. Such a great shoe – I've been lusting after the short AND tall versions for a long time, but I got a pair of gorgeous Prada leather boots back in October so I'm going to hold out for a while. Can't wait to see what you wear them with!xx from Montreal,Sarahhttp://ibleedfashion.com

  9. I love the cut out in the heel. It's such a simple but major detail. Great seeing you at the panel on Wednesday. You're just as adorable and lovely in person. xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  10. I love those boots!Love the cut out in the heel with the metal detail.You don't even have to justify buying these, seeing the pictures is reason enough to buy them :p♥http://style-chameleon.blogspot.com/

  11. Wow supercool boots! I've been reading your blog for years now and love your style & outfits plus tipps for bloggers :) me I'm still looking for my perfect stilettos, too … best wishes from Germany

  12. I LOVE these boots. I would buy them if I could- you're right they're definitely an investment! I settled for some COS chelsea boots but they're alot less rock & roll! Get them Andy! xhttp://brightonstylememos.blogspot.com/

  13. The cut-out heel is so the defining detail, here. Love how simplistic the shoe is besides that little peek-a-boo spark. Ha ha, in my opinion, "investment shoes" deserve a category of their own on web stores.

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