What a great night surrounded by all of my good friends and best of all, Werelse won the Bloglovin’ Award for “Best blogger Business of the year” so thank you all who supported us!.
Its always such a nice experience to get together with people who’s blogs I follow and viceversa, there is nothing like meeting people in person, getting to know them more and the Bloglovin’ Awards is definitely becoming the best place to do so!
I am siting in bed half  asleep again (Sorry but its 2:00 am in NY and Im half awake getting this post ready) so I better go to sleep before I start writing nonsense…Love you guys and again THANK YOU so much for supporting to win a Bloglovin award!

172 thoughts on “THE BLOGLOVIN’ AWARDS 2012

  1. Congratulations Andy, you deserve that! It's great to see you with Camila Coutinho, a brazilian blog who I read and absolutely LOVE (and she really really should have won) .Congrats again, XOXO

  2. I love you Andy, you totally're one of my Role Model, Congratulation dear! I'm happy for you! Kisses from Indonesia :?)Ps: I know you are busy now, but if you have time please visit my blog and please leave your comment, I really appreciate it :)Merci Beaucoup, Jammie

  3. Congrats! Love this post, so cool to see you, chiara, Rumi, Kenza and all the blogger I love at one place!

  4. You ladies won! YES! Yes! Yes! Congrats! Voted for you gals! So happy for you all. I was at the IFB conference and liked your point about seeing bloggers as friends not competition. You are living out what you say. You should be proud of yourself…Genuinely happy for you ladies!xx

  5. That's great news! Congratulations for the much deserved award.. I'm proud to say I've voted for Werelse multiple times :)

  6. It looks like you have a blast, I really love your photo you're so pretty in the first one! & Congratulation for Werelse this is an amazing project, it's so rare to see young people who are ambitious !! You really got it ! :DxxThepeppymay

  7. Congrats ladies! Glad to see your work is paying off. Cute sparkling dress too.Happy Valentine's Dayxoxo

  8. Congrats on the winnings… You loko glam as always.. Cant wait to for my blog to be noticed and awarded.. Its what drives me and keeps my creative and driven daily…Please follow back and

  9. wooowww!! so proud of you three~ you, Chiara and Carolina looked so pretty and flawless in these photos xoxo this is such a fancy party!! would love to be there one day

  10. congrats you look so lovelyGIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG

  11. You deserved it so I'm so proud you guys won! All my fav' blogs together on picture, yeah. Kenza and you and you and the girl from it

  12. congrats andy!!gorgeous:)GIVEAWAY on my blog on my blog on my blog

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