49 thoughts on “PINTEREST

  1. :/ are you sure I tired to use my usual name (Magz725) and it kept telling me that the name was already in use. But I'm sure someone else did steal your name :/

  2. Yaaay!! i love how Pinterest is getting more and more well known! I LOVE THAT SITE <3 it's my go to place for dashes of inspiration or just to clear my mind :)xx-Shttp://www.gingerandlace.blogspot.com

  3. Pinterest gives you lots of opportunities to check out others' inspirations and create your own. it's such a great site with wonderful ideas from what I'm seeing here. maybe I'll get one soon in the future ;)I'll be checking up on yours again very soon Andy!xoxoStyle Hostess

  4. but what a coincidence! I searched for you days ago thinking that you would post great pics .i´m following now , see you there! =)Natália Castrohttp://pinterest.com/suspiiiro/

  5. Yay – congrats on joining Pinterest!!! It is SO MUCH FUN – I love how easy it is to keep track of your inspiration – DIY projects, style, recipes – you name it!! If you'd like to, you can follow me at username "sheisred"! xxxxxx,Alexandra

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